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Editors Note: CSE recently amended the process for retrieving additional product information, moving the procedure to our Reader Service site at . However, due to reader feedback we will be reinstating the paper card in our May 2002 issue. AC drive for HVAC applications features built-in network communications for a variety of building-automation protocols.


Editors Note: CSE recently amended the process for retrieving additional product information, moving the procedure to our Reader Service site at . However, due to reader feedback we will be reinstating the paper card in our May 2002 issue.

AC drive for HVAC applications features built-in network communications for a variety of building-automation protocols. Designed for use on components such as air handlers, cooling towers and pumps, the unit's extensive parameter selection allows BAS applications to be managed without consuming BAS control points. (E7 Drive by Yaskawa)

Web-enabled remote monitoring device allows users to check equipment and site status over the Internet with any standard browser, notifying them of alarm conditions through e-mail messages, phone paging and e-mail paging. The system interfaces with temperature, pressure, flow, current and humidity sensors, and can also control site equipment via alarm-relay outputs. It also accepts an image from any IP addressable web camera. (Falcon by RLE Technologies)

Humidity-control unit enables operators to control humidity independently of temperature. Designed to treat 100% makeup air and work in conjunction with an existing A/C system or ERV, this unit controls humidity only when the humidity or temperature level reaches a certain point. (HCU by Munters)

Air compressors for use in sprinkler systems meet the new UL 2125 standard and are available for horizontal, vertical or tank mounting. Horsepower ranges from 0.17 to 1.5 hp to meet the requirements of sprinkler systems with volumes of 90 to 800 gallons. (Gast Manufacturing)

Design and rendering software allows lighting designers to add a variety of architectural/artistic textures to their models, which deliver realistic color visualization. Software also provides intelligent, adaptive surface subdivision for sharper shadows and more accurate photometric calculations. (AGI32 1.50 by Lighting Analysts)

Early-warning smoke detector actively draws air and then uses laser particle-counting technology to detect very small amounts of smoke. Designed for mission-critical facilities, these units are more sensitive than earlier models, and thousands of times more sensitive than conventional detectors. (Analaser II by Fenwal)

Electronic dimming ballasts for T5-HO lamps offer light from 1% to 100%. Ideal for spaces where critical visual tasks are performed, these ballasts come in 2-, 3- and 4-ft. models. (Hi-Lume by Lutron)

Water-cooled modular chillers feature a width under 30 in., allowing them to pass conveniently through existing equipment doors or onto standard passenger elevators. Available in 30- and 50-ton capacities, these chillers are designed to be field-coupled to meet tonnage requirements of up to 400 tons. (ClimaCool Corporation)

Power correction system eliminates poor power quality by using active harmonic filtering. The system filters the entire network or specific loads by producing harmonic cancellation waveforms. (Accusine by Square D)

Antimicrobial ductwork utilizes a special coating that works by slowly releasing encapsulated silver ions to the treated steel. Available for a full line of duct types and sizes, this natural, silver-based substance fights against bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus. (SilverGuard by McGill Airflow)

LonTalk gateway/router enables system integrators to connect LonWorks networks over Internet Protocol (IP). Fully compliant with ANSI 709.1 and EIA 852, these units can also be used to implement a high-speed IP control network backbone and can support 100BaseT IP connectivity. (GadgetGateway by Adept Systems)

HEPA filters provide high-efficiency filtering in a 4-in.-deep design, saving space in the air-handling unit. Featuring a low pressure-drop performance, these filters are available in three efficiencies: MERV 11, 13 and 14. (Ultrasolve by Camfil Farr)

Packaged boiler allows "through-the-door" installation due to its compact size. Ranging from 20 to 150 BHP, these boilers can be fired using natural gas, No. 2 oil or a combination. (Series SM5 by Easco)

Rotary UPS provides up to 12 seconds of batteryless ride-through for powerline disturbances and short-term outages. Offered with ratings from 315 kVA to 2.2 MVA, the system is comprised of an induction motor/generator operating in conjunction with a surge-limiting line reactor, electronics control package, low-speed flywheel, engine and connecting clutch. (Starsine by SatCon Power Systems)

Pump controller combined with variable-frequency drive is capable of controlling up to three pumps in parallel. Featuring both manual and automatic pump alteration in a single enclosure, these units have two analog inputs for zone sensors and one analog input for a flow sensor. (Technologic 500 Series by ITT Bell & Gossett)

Airborne-particulate monitor can be used as a sensor that runs HVAC equipment only when needed, reducing energy costs without sacrificing worker safety. Unit provides particle concentration measurements of airborne dust, smoke, mist and fumes. (pDR-1000AN by Thermo Andersen)

Prefabricated power system for utilities and industrial facilities streamlines the delivery process and limits the risks inherent with on-site construction. In addition to switchgear, motor-control centers, breakers and communications systems, these all-in-one units contain auxiliary equipment such as fire-protection, air-conditioning and battery systems, all built to specifications. (Electro/Centers by Eaton)

Electrical design software features web-collaboration tools such as the ability to publish and interact with drawings on the Internet. Designed to work as an add-on to AutoCAD, this software package allows engineers to design pneumatic-air piping controls in addition to electrical wiring. (Wiring Diagram 16.0 by VIA)

Voice-evacuation system provides 50 watts of audio power at either 25 or 70 Vrms, and is well-suited for assisted-living facilities, hotels and dormitories. This system allows room for expansion and is compatible with any UL-listed fire-alarm control panel. (FireVac IV by Fire Control Instruments)

Replacement rooftop unit catalog outlines the construction features, applications and performance capabilities of these fully-configurable units, which offer cooling capacities from 8 to 70 tons and airflow from 2,000 to 25,000 cfm. (RMZ catalog by Mammoth, Inc.)

Geometric calculator program works with CAD software to calculate several essential properties of the active sketch and save them in the engineering notes. Designed for use with the Autodesk Inventor program. (SketchCalc by Geomate Corporation)

Automatic wall switch uses passive infrared technology to detect occupancy and switch lights off when a room is vacated or keep them on when someone is present. Engineered to adjust sensitivity and time delay automatically in response to occupant behavior. (SuperSwitch 2 by Novitas)

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