Honorable Mentions


ToughGuard2 Duct Liner by Certainteed
Textile duct liner eliminates the need to specify thicker liner or switch to rotary liner to meet stricter energy codes. The new product exceeds the thermal performance of its immediate predecessor in this product line. Manufactured with a patent-pending process that is claimed to ensure uniform thickness, width and density, the liner’s airstream surface is moisture-resistant and includes an EPA-registered anti-microbial agent for indoor-air-quality protection. www.certainteed.com

NetSOLO NGA by Fire Control Instruments
event log, the status of analog addressable monitor and control points, and diagnostic fault codes and messages. The module offers switch functions such as acknowledge, signal silence and reset. Additional LEDs located on the display perimeter indicate power on, alarm, system trouble and supervisoryand ground fault conditions. www.firecontrolinstruments.com

Latitude by York
Air-cooled screw chiller incorporates a variable-speed drive with screw compressor for improved energy efficiency and sound levels. At the same time, claims the manufacturer, it retains the cost savings of air-cooled systems: lower capital equipment, installation and maintenance costs. The model uses HFC-134a refrigerant and is available from 150 to 260 TR, providing full-load design efficiencies as high as 10.3 EER, which exceeds ASHRAE 90.1. These chillers also take advantage of a control system that employs a proprietary load-limit control function. www.york.com

Vista AP by Wiremold/Legrand
Architectural column is designed to incorporate wireless components in a secure but accessible architectural element. The columns are intended to be aesthetically pleasing while providing maximum flexibility for changing space requirements. The columns run from floor to ceiling, routing wire and cable from overhead. The wireless compartment has a smoked-glass door on one side and fixed smoked-glass panel on the other. The enclosure has a nonmetallic mounting surface that accommodates a wide variety of access point designs and antennas. Space is also available for other network accessories, such as media converters and switches. There is an integral power receptacle and a bezel for a data jack. A lock provides security for electronic components, while glass panels allow
visual monitoring. www.wiremold.com
F220-PTHC Smoke Detector by Bosch Security Systems
Photoelectric smoke detectors are claimed to be the first to use heat and CO monitoring elements to eliminate false alarms. Models feature a rate-of-rise, fixed-temperature electronic heat detector that initiates an alarm when it senses an increase in ambient temperature. Two models activate when temperature exceeds 135ctory-listed range. Detectors can be programmed to send a trouble signal to the control panel to alert operators that a unit requires maintenance.  www.boschsecurity.us

SuperSwitch3 by Danaher Power Solutions
power-quality zones, and local system monitoring and configuration is through a graphical user interface. Remote access is also possible for systems events and alarm monitoring. www.currenttechnology.com

Sapphire by Ansul/Tyco
Fire-suppression system for facilities with critical assets uses a chemical clean agent to fight fires without damaging electronics, art and other irreplaceable artifacts and assets. The system uses a fluid that looks exactly like water—but without the damage caused by water. In fact, equipment can be completely immersed in the liquid, which quickly evaporates, without damage. The system is able to identify particles of combustion before they turn into flames and bring fire combustion to a halt at the pre-fire stage. www.ansul.com

Powerware 9390 by Eaton
Three-phase UPS features a double-conversion design that isolates output power from input power anomalies to deliver perfect sine wave output. The basic module supports loads from 40 kVA to 160 kVA, but up to eight modules can be paralleled for a total power capacity of 1,280 kVA. In its latest design, the module is intended to meet the challenge of ever-increasing power density in data centers, a result of the advent of technologies such as blade servers. The manufacturer claims that its latest model in this series delivers 94% efficiency and that its 0.9 output power factor enables the unit to accommodate today’s high power-factor load requirements. The makers also say that the small footprint offers 35% to 50% space savings for its class. www.powerware.com
FlameStopper by Wiremold/Legrand
Wall firestopping system for through-wall penetrations allows wire and cable to be added or removed while maintaining the fire rating of the wall. Fittings combine built-in intumescent firestopping material with a fully enclosed wall penetration, and have been tested to UL 1479 levels for flame, temperature and smoke. They have been determined to be suitable for air-handling plenums. The through-wall fitting consists of a cover with adjustable steel doors. The cover houses a block of intumescent material with an opening for wire and cable. EMT cable, cut to length, carries the cable through the penetration to a similar block on the opposite side. When temperature reaches approximately 375 www.wiremold.com

NX UPS by Liebert
Mid-sized UPS platform is intended for centralized power protection of server rooms, mid-sized data centers and industrial plants. The 120/208-volt, three-phase version is

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