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May 2007

This Issue's News Stories
1. Chicago Exelon HQ Receives Platinum LEED Rating
2. EnergyPlus Energy Simulation Software 2.0
3. Greening of Corporate America
4. Don't Forget the EE in Green
5. Optimizing Photovoltaic Design
6. Green Specification Adoption Benchmark Study

7. 2007 Green Building Conference Planner


McQuay GreenWay™ HVAC System Solutions
McQuay is your source for HVAC systems expertise and tools for sustainable buildings. Our GreenWay™ HVAC System Solutions help you design high performance systems that meet your budget, improve indoor air quality, lower operating costs and reduce environmental impact.
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Chicago Exelon HQ Receives Platinum LEED Rating

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has awarded Exelon’s Chicago headquarters with LEED Platinum Commercial Interiors (CI) Certification. Exelon’s new building is the largest office space in the world to be LEED-CI certified at the platinum level.
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2. EnergyPlus Energy Simulation Software 2.0
EnergyPlus is a building energy simulation program that models buildings’ heating, cooling, lighting, ventilating and other energy flows. As a stand-alone simulation program it does not require a user-friendly graphical interface. Based on popular features and capabilities of BLAST and DOE-2, EnergyPlus reads input and writes output as text.
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3. Greening of Corporate America
According to findings from the new McGraw-Hill Construction Report "Greening of Corporate America," profitability in America’s corporations correlate to green building principles and sustainability practices. The study concludes that most U.S. corporate leaders strive to make sustainability a consistent part of their missions, but that only 3% of the corporate leader respondents are driving their businesses through the value-driven lens of sustainability.
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More green for less green
It's easy to design high performance HVAC systems for your green building project %%MDASSML%% and meet your budget. McQuay GreenWay™ HVAC System Solutions is your source for systems expertise and tools to help you optimize efficiency and IAQ, while lowering installed and operating costs. Click here for more information on achieving more green for less green.

4. Don't Forget the EE in Green
By Jean Lupinacci, director of the Commercial and Industrial Branch in the Climate Protection Partnerships Div. at EPA

Standards for green consider a number of factors, including recycled and renewable materials, water savings, indoor air quality, siting and energy efficiency (EE). Yet, upon closer look, many buildings touted as green may be no more—and perhaps even less—energy efficient than their browner neighbors. The terms‘sustainable’ and ‘high-performance’ offer no stronger guarantees of energy efficiency for buildings.
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5. O ptimizing Photovoltaic Design
By Hernando Miranda, president of Soltierra
Typical approaches to photovoltaic (PV) design often result in less-than-optimum energy production. This results in larger PV arrays than might be required—meaning greater cost to a building owner. Large arrays use greater amounts of material, which means increased fabrication efforts, higher transportation costs and more installation efforts. The challenge is to get by with fewer materials by designing a building and PV system in harmony with each other.
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6. Green Specification Adoption Benchmark Study By Tim Duggan, senior consultant for RSMeans Business Solutions

RSMeans Business Solutions conducted a benchmark study to determine the specification penetration of Green-LEED requirements in buildings with construction bids for both new and renovation work in 2006. The objective of the study was to benchmark 2006 for both geographic and vertical (e.g., building type) markets.
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2007 Green Building Conference Planner >>
06/23-06/27: ASHRAE Summer Meeting, Long Beach, Calif.,
08/05-08/08: GovEnergy (Energy 2007), New Orleans
08/15-08/16: World Energy Engineering Congress, Atlanta. Hosted by Assoc. of Energy Engineers.
09/17-09/18: Engineering Green Buildings Conference, Las Vegas, Hosted by HPAC Engineering .
10/02-10/04: Labs for the 21st Century, Charleston, S.C., Hosted by the U.S. EPA and U.S. Dept. of Energy.
11/07-11/09: GreenBuild, Chicago, Hosted by the U.S. Green Building Council.
12/10-12/13: EcoBuild Fall, Washington, D.C.
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