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In conjunction with the 2003 AHR Expo at Chicago's McCormick Place this month, Consulting-Specifying Engineer presents expanded product coverage to serve as a guide to some of the most innovative new systems and components on display at the show. For more information on featured products, we encourage expo attendees to visit the suppliers' booths.


In conjunction with the 2003 AHR Expo at Chicago's McCormick Place this month, Consulting-Specifying Engineer presents expanded product coverage to serve as a guide to some of the most innovative new systems and components on display at the show. For more information on featured products, we encourage expo attendees to visit the suppliers' booths. Booth numbers are highlighted.

Static pressure probe for duct mounting, measures 7.8-in. long and 1/4-in. in diameter. It is designed with a baffle at the tip in order to minimize velocity pressure errors. It employs a gasket to seal against the duct, preventing leakage and providing accurate measurements. It is ideal for customers who need to configure quickly, as it offers up to six different pressure ranges (bi-directional and unidirectional) in each transducer, which reduces inventory from 20 single range units to only four. (Model 267 Series by Setra Systems, Inc., Booth 3846 )

Portable air conditioner is for primary, supplemental and emergency cooling of spaces, including boardrooms, computer rooms, laboratories and schools. The system includes an integral make-up air plenum field, selectable, built-in, pump/dual condensate tank system and expandable/contractible condenser air duct. (COOLIT2600 by AirPac Inc., Booth 5376 )

Three types of injectors for adding fluorescent leak detection dyes into air-conditioning and refrigeration systems correspond with small, medium and large units. The small system, multi-dose injector uses up to 25 lbs. of lubricant and features disposable cartridges pre-filled with dye for precise dye injection. The medium system, multi-dose injector uses up to 400 lbs. of refrigerant and is best for commercial and light industrial systems. The large system pump is the fastest, using up to 64 gal. of lubricant, without using refrigerant as a propellant. (EZ-Ject, BigEZ and Mist Infuser by Spectronics Corp., Booth 1624 )

Sealed combustion gas boiler reduces heating contractors' installation time for new and replacement direct vent applications. Ranging from 60,000 to 180,000 BTU/h input, the boiler has a combination air intake and vent terminal. (Victory VSP by Slant/Fin Corp., Booth 4961 )

Zone pressure sensor measures and reports duct/building static pressure, room-to-room differential pressure and air velocities/volumes. It is housed in an IP66-rated, plastic enclosure with short circuit-proof and reverse polarity-protected output. (Zone Pressure Sensor by BAPI, Booth 3627 )

Water-cooled screw chiller is available in 200 to 300 TR capacities with a 60-Hz motor and in 150 to 250 TR capacities with a 50-Hz motor. The chiller easily adapts to low-temperature cooling requirements, including thermal storage and brine cooling—duties that are difficult for centrifugal chillers to perform. (MaxE by York, Booth 4149 )

Custom insulated curbs for metal buildings can accommodate any rooftop equipment, conforming to many roof pitches. The curbs are made with a built-in diverter and integral conforming notches. The custom fabrication assures proper alignment to the roof slope and permits reinforcement as required to support any weight rooftop unit. (Metal Building Curbs by ThyCurb, Booth 4439 )

Air filtration units for building space microbial control are sized to provide a minimum of 12 room air changes per hour with 99.99% HEPA filtration efficiency at 0.3 micron particle size. The unit also features a fly-by kill capacity for mold and bacteria. (UVC germicidal air filtration unit by Isolate, Inc., Booth 4181 )

Self-contained regulator with remote on/off control for batch process loops and automated building controls can be used in place of a control valve, eliminating the need for support systems, sensors and air input. It is available in sizes from 3/8- to 12-in. in cast iron and cast steel. (EM33D by Spence Engineering Co., Booth 4376 )

High-pressure boilers erected on-site comply with Section I of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. All of a company's boilers can be produced at its job site, including the newest additions—the SM5 "Thru-the-door" boiler (20 - 150 BHP) and the SM1 Series scotch-design packaged boilers (30 - 1,500 BHP). (SM5 & SM1 by EASCO Boiler Corp., Booth 4223 )

Piston vacuum pump is free of oil and hydrocarbons and emits very few wear particles from the inlet that could interfere with sensitive analytical equipment such as electron microscopes. The pump has variable speeds of 750-1,200 rpm and 15,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, and runs with any 50/60 Hz input power between 90 and 264 V. (EcoDry by Leybold Vacuum Products, Booth 1636 )

Airflow and temperature sensor models are now listed as approved in accordance with the UL Safety Standard Temperature (and Flow) Indicating and Regulating Equipment . This standard includes all products used "for control of air-conditioning, heating, cooking, refrigeration, and humidity, rated 600 volts or less, to be used in ordinary locations in accordance with the National Electrical Code, NFPA 70." (Advantage by EBTRON, Booth 3755 )

Boiler produces steam in five minutes from a cold start-up, as floating headers create thermal shock to the boiler's water tubes and enclosure. The headers allow the water tubes to be short and straight, reducing the boiler's floor area by up to 33%. Its small size also leads to reduced radiation losses, larger fuel savings and lower construction costs compared to conventional firetube and watertube designs, according to the manufacturer. (Watertube Boiler by Miura Boiler West, Inc., Booth 1014 )

Software program allows engineers who are specifying humidifying equipment to size loads, select equipment, write specifications, create equipment schedules and create installation instructions. The program can create as-configured installation guides and specification reports, as well. (DRI-CALC by Dri-Steem, Booth 5315 )

Precision real-time analyzer features a frequency range of 31.5 Hz to 16 kHz. With a single 23- to 140-dB dynamic range and 984 hrs. to 1-sec. memory, the device allows for complete checking of all HVAC equipment with no need for range switching. (SC-30 by Scantek, Inc. Booth 6765 )

Pocket air filter with controlled media spacing (CMS) minimizes pocket-to-pocket contact, keeping pockets aligned, resulting in uniform airflow and full utilization of the media. This design is said to eliminate the performance problems sometimes associated with bag filters, delivering lower life-cycle cost, easier maintenance, reduced system horsepower requirements and less wear-and-tear on equipment. (Hi-Flo Pocket Air Filter by Camfil Farr, Booth 2210 )

UVC emitters provide continuous, non-chemical cleaning of ducts and other HVAC surfaces. The device comes in five tube lengths—16-, 20-, 24-, 30- and 36-in.—to fit most ductwork applications. It is said to "cook off" mold and other microbes within a 10-ft. line-of-sight range. (X-Mount UVC Emitters, Booth 4869 )

Multi-stage, programmable and non-programmable electronic PI thermostats feature an intuitive, menu-driven, back-lit LCD screen. The series allows important operating parameters to be set by the contractor via a special configuration button. (T8000 by Viconics Electronics Inc., Booth 3641 )

Indirect-fired, electric and hydronic lines of HVAC for commercial and light industrial applications have capacities of up to 1,200 MBh and 16,000 CFM. These units can be assembled with DX or chilled water coils, evaporative cooling and a fresh air/return air mixing box. (Ares equipment line by Mars Air Products, Booth 5522 )

Windows-based HVAC design tool includes two primary features: RapidSelect allows users to quickly select, specify and schedule equipment. LoadMatch automatically designs a single pipe, temperature cascading hydronic system. (HVAC Solution 1.3 by HVAC Solution Booth 6350 )

Custom gas ignition controls can provide a central wiring point with high reliability and few components and can control multiple devices, as well. The controls combine gas and temperature measurements, as well as sensing into one unit. (Custom Gas Ignition Controls by Fenwal Controls, Booth 4168 )

Plenum and double-width fans optimize of custom AHUs. plenum fans are designed to minimize air-handler first cost, with capacities up to 160,000 CFM and pressures to 12 in. wg. Double-width fans are suited to capacities to 350,000 CFM and pressures to 14 in. wg. with efficiencies above 85%. (Fans from Mechanovent, Booth 4276 )

Quick Hit: Pumps

Pump Primer

ExamplesDiaphragm, Piston, BellowsVane, Screw, Lobe, PeristalticRadialFrancis VaneAxial FlowEductor, Electromagnetic Gas Lift
Flow RateLowLowLowMediumHighHigh
Pressure Rise per StageHighHighMediumLowLowestLow
Constant VariableFlow RateFlow RatePressurePressurePressurePressure
High ViscosityYesYesNoNoNoYes
Sanitary Designs?NoYesYesn/an/aYes
Moving PartsYesYesYesYesYesNo
Abrasive or Corrosive MaterialsPoorPoorGoodPoorPoorExcellent
AdvantagesHigh Pressure, Low FlowHigh Pressure , Low FlowHigh Flow, Low Medium PressureMedium Flow Low PressureHighest Flow Lowest PressureNo moving parts, Intrinsically safe
ApplicationsMetering Pumps, DewateringFuel Pumps, Oil Pumps, Hydraulic PowerCirculators Pressure BoostersWell, Fire Pumps ChilledFlood Irrigation Dry DockDewatering, Proportioning, Dredging
Drive TypesElectric, EngineElectric, EngineElectric Engine TurbineElectric Engine TurbineElectric Engine TurbineWater, Steam

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