SQ Mixed Flow Inline Fan

Greenheck December 12, 2022

Greenheck’s line of SQ direct drive mixed flow inline fans offering a unique combination of high efficiency, low sound, and ease of installation in a square housing design continues to expand and add enhancements. With the addition of sizes SQ-7 and SQ-9 covering lower CFM selections from 100 to 2,300 cfm, the SQ mixed flow line is now available in twelve sizes, 7-33, with performance ranges up to 27,800 cfm and up to 3 in. wg.

A new side discharge option helps to reduce system effect, improves system performance, and reduces installation labor as fans are configurable with a variety of discharge options—inline, left, right, or any combination of the three. The new configurations also help to reduce the overall footprint of the fan and ductwork. An insulation option providing both noise reduction and condensation control is recommended for applications where fans are placed in acoustically-sensitive locations. Additional options and accessories are also available.

Model SQ is available with a single-phase or three-phase direct drive Vari-Green motor up to 10 hp for improved energy efficiency and low maintenance. AMCA certified for Sound and Air Performance and Fan Energy Index (FEI), Greenheck SQ mixed flow square inline fans are ideal for indoor and outdoor supply, exhaust, return, or make-up air systems in clean air applications.

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