Pump solutions for road grade asphalt binder processing and transfer

Circor International March 15, 2024

CIRCOR International, Inc., a leading manufacturer and marketer of differentiated technology products and sub-systems, highlights their IMO brand rotary screw pumps for processing and transferring asphaltenes and bitumen in a variety of applications. 

With decades of experience, CIRCOR has developed hydraulic balanced pumping technology that simplifies the most complex hydrocarbon processing and transfer tasks. IMO pumps are designed for a range of applications, from asphalt processing and heated storage to railcar, barge, and ship loading and unloading, as well as refinery residuum transfer and storage.

The IMO Series Jacketed C324A pumps have a double suction design, essentially making it two pumps operating in parallel. This means the pumps are very compact for their flow range. C324A pumps are especially suitable for higher temperature operation, including the transfer of asphalts, vacuum tower bottoms, and more, as there are no antifriction bearings requiring separate cooling. In addition, this series is capable of relatively high speeds making it ideal for steam turbine drive where high speeds improves the efficiency of both the driver and the pump.

All of these three-screw pump solutions from IMO feature excellent suction lift, long service life, low horsepower consumption, and high contamination tolerance. These benefits mean less downtime, lower energy costs and lower total pump life cycle costs for the user. 

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