AMPLIFY DM-3 Overhead Fan

February 20, 2023

The AMPLIFY DM-3 is a small-diameter architectural overhead fan that boosts occupant comfort while enhancing the interior design of commercial and institutional building spaces. Featuring curved polymer airfoils designed to maximize airflow, improve efficiency, and optimize coverage area, the DM-3 is available in a 5-foot diameter with airflow up to 7,113 cfm and cooling effect up to 7oF/4oC. The DM-3’s lightweight, direct drive motor is up to 20% more efficient and 10 dBA quieter than traditional motors. A factory-programmed motor driver reduces installation time by eliminating complicated programming in the field. A wireless radio frequency (RF) controller that is factory-paired with the motor driver provides easy operation of connected fans. A universal ceiling mount with a pivoting knuckle joint accommodates any ceiling pitch and allows for flexible installation. The AMPLIFY DM-3 is ideal for office spaces, retail stores, restaurants and bars, education facilities, fitness centers, hotels, and multifamily housing.

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