Tuesday, September 9, 2014

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“EON Model EL3” Three Phase Emergency Lighting Inverter
Specify a 10 kW – 33 kW three phase inverter for seamless transfer to standard 90 minutes of backup power! (UL 924 and C-UL Listed). Compact space-saving footprint, easy installation, and low cost of ownership! Requires only (1) battery cabinet for 90 minutes of runtime, and only batteries with front-access terminals are used. Simplify NFPA 101 compliance with a computer-based, self-testing / self-diagnostic emergency lighting system, with data-logging and reporting (NFPA compliant).
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Metraloop expansion loops
Video: Just days after installation of Metraloop expansion loops at SAFECO Field, Seattle experienced a 6.8 magnitude earthquake. "If we did not have Metraloops, it would not have been a pretty sight."
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Got events? Know what happened and when…to 1 millisecond
Simplify power system event reconstruction and analysis with the award winning CyTime Sequence of Events Recorders SER-3200/SER-2408. Record operation of circuit breakers, relays, UPS, ATS, etc. with 1 ms accuracy allowing you to diagnose power problems and restore service quickly.
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PowerSmart Power Quality Energy Monitoring Products From the Makers of E-Mon D-Mon
E-Mon D-Mon’s PowerSmart series of DIN rail, socket & panel mount power quality meters combine real-time energy monitoring, advanced power quality functions and BAS communication in one integrated platform via Modbus RTU or TCP/IP.
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Energy Savings with integrated VFD
There are 100+ Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Revit objects available in Autodesk® Seek which facilitate easy integration into your buildings, and quick discovery, preview and download of BIM files, models, drawings and product specifications for active design sessions.
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