Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Power Fire, Life Safety Electrical, Lighting Building Types Codes and Standards HVAC
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Bryan DTV tray type deaerators have up to 21 trays, allowing longer contact time between water and steam. Vertical tray type designs feature a smaller footprint than horizontal spray type designs.
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NFPA 101 ( Compliant – Compact, Three Phase Emergency Lighting Inverter!
Why specify the UL 924 and C-UL Listed, 10 kW – 33 kW “EON Model EL3” over competing inverters? The 33 kW “EON’s” small cabinet footprint requires only (1) battery cabinet for 90 minutes runtime, and is only half as wide as competing products – saving 6 feet of wall / floor space!
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Nested Metraloops
Video: When Lehigh Valley Hospital built a new central utility building, where and how to handle thermal expansion without adding expensive structure steel was a concern.
Nested Metraloops…
Got events? Know what happened and when… to 1 millisecond
Simplify power system event reconstruction and analysis with the award winning CyTime Sequence of Events Recorders SER-3200/SER-2408. Record operation of circuit breakers, relays, UPS, ATS, etc. with 1 ms accuracy allowing you to diagnose power problems and restore service quickly.
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SPEC Grade Stainless Sloped-Top Enclosures
MENNEKES offers a complete line of Sloped-Top Enclosures including 25A-100A Switches and several Pre-Punched Pushbutton Boxes. The 15º sloped roof facilitates runoff of liquids and cleaning residue in processing areas.
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When Performance Matters Specify Aero Dyne H-E-P Turning Vanes
You may not know if Aero Dyne is in your HVAC system, but you’ll know if it’s not. No other Turning Vane provides comparable quality, structural integrity & performance. Specify Aero Dyne H-E-P by name.
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