Tuesday, November 14, 2017

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“ULTRA-K Series 600K-he” High Efficiency, K-Rated Power Conditioning Transformer!
Meeting and exceeding the DOE 2016 Efficiency Standard, the triple-shielded “ULTRA-K” provides up to 10x the common mode noise attenuation of a dual-shielded transformer, and SPD options offer optimum protection against high energy voltage transients.
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UL 1561 Listed “ULTRA-K”!
High efficiency and near-perfect combustion never took up so little space
Introducing the Cleaver-Brooks CBEX Dryback Elite – Superior combustion along with extended surface tubes that transfer 85% more heat. The CBEX Dryback Elite and its waterback cousin are the only firetubes to achieve 3% O2 across their 10:1 turndown range. The standard package offers 30 ppm NOx with <10 ppm CO.
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See how the new Metraflex LPD Y-strainer saves you so much energy
Up to a 30% larger screen with more holes. Even clogged up to 50%, LPD Y-strainer has lower pressure drop than a clean competitive strainer.
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Catapult your career forward
CFE EDU is an interactive online platform that offers multi-media educational courses on engineering topics that are critical to your work.
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CFE Media’s New Products for Engineers Database, YOUR source for new products in the manufacturing, commercial construction, and manufacturing control industries. Find information on products such as a ​nitrogen generator​ and an integrated transformer.
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