Tuesday, May 12, 2015

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Explosion Proof Light on Portable Base Stand
The EPL-24BS-1X4-250 base stand mounted explosion proof tank light provides 20,000+ sq. ft. of work area coverage with 36,000 lumens. This unit features a removable light head measuring 23-7/8” in diameter, allowing it to pass through 24” man-ways and entryways.
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Get Critical Fittings and Adapters in as Little as 24 Hours.
Minimize downtime with the Parker Rapid Service Unit (RSU). We produce high-quality hydraulic and pneumatic parts to meet your timetable. No minimum order.
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Thermal/seismic expansion joint from Metraflex.
The Metraloop expansion joint requires no anchors and minimal guiding. Protects pipingsystem from pipe movement and seismic events. Makes pipe runs more compact to fit in the tightest spaces.
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What If You Were Granted “3 Wishes,” Allowing You To Specify The Perfect Three-Phase Emergency Lighting Inverter?
Would any of these criteria be on your wish list? 1) Designed for 100% LED lighting loads without de-rating. 2) Space-saving cabinet footprint. 3) Only 1 battery cabinet needed for 90 minutes runtime, containing batteries with front access terminals. We can grant your inverter wishes!
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Energy Savings with Integrated VFD
There are 100+ Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Revit objects available in Autodesk® Seek which facilitate easy integration into your buildings, and quick discovery, preview and download of BIM files, models, drawings and product specifications for active design sessions.
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EngineeringAdvantage™ Program
We want to help you do your job better. Our EngineeringAdvantage™ Program provides engineers the educational programs, technical documentation, and design resources to meet their customer’s challenges. Click here to view resources available to you.
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