Tuesday, March 11, 2014

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Introducing the suction diffuser that doesn’t suck pressure
The new Suction Diffuser Flex creates a slight rotational motion, which counteracts the elbow-induced motion. Fluid negotiates the turn uniformly and exits with a flat velocity profile. No painful pressure drops.
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The new normal in heat pumps
Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating’s new H2i R2-Series heat pumps provide 100% heating capacity down to 0° F outdoor ambient and simultaneous heating and cooling down to -4° F to deliver highly responsive multi-zone comfort, regardless of climate zone.
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Bryan Steam offers the HE Series, high efficiency versions of forced draft gas fired "Flexible Water Tube" Water Boilers, with a guaranteed efficiency of 85%. Inputs range from 900 MBH to 8,000 MBH.
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“EON Model EL3” Three Phase Emergency Lighting Inverter
Specify a 10 kW – 33 kW three phase inverter for seamless transfer to standard 90 minutes of backup power! (UL 924 and C-UL Listed). Compact space-saving footprint, easy installation, and low cost of ownership! Requires only (1) battery cabinet for 90 minutes of runtime, and only batteries with front-access terminals are used. Simplify NFPA 101 compliance with a computer-based, self-testing / self-diagnostic emergency lighting system, with data-logging and reporting (NFPA compliant).
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Power Failure is Not an Option.
Pentair Inc. rolled out its Aurora® 380 Series Vertical Inline Pump with Variable Frequency Drive. The addition of adding the VFD to Aurora’s in-line pump eliminates the unknown costs of proper field wiring and mounting since the VFD will be wired and mounted at the factory. In addition, the VFD comes standard with BacNET communications, integral fused disconnect and local wired pressure transducer mounted on the pump discharge flange. Options include IP66/Nema 4X VFD protection along many other requirements needed at the installation.
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