Tuesday, June, 14, 2016

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Explosion Proof 25' Single Phase Extension Cord
The HAL-EMG- 24-2L- LED-BMSW- 113 emergency LED light fixture from Larson Electronics is a two foot, two lamp, UL listed Class 1 Division 2 Groups A, B, C, and D hazardous areas.
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New Full Line Catalog
MENNEKES, a world leading manufacture of IEC 60309 pin and sleeve wiring devices, interlocked switched receptacles, motor disconnects and power distribution systems, is proud to introduce our new full line catalog.
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“UltraLITE Model ELU”: LED Compatible Emergency Egress Lighting Solution!
With a front access cabinet design and zero side / rear clearance requirements, this 1.5 kW – 14 kW single phase inverter provides a continuous, regulated output and transient voltage protection for LED drivers and fixtures, without de-rating! Using “Intellistat” touchscreen monitoring, this inverter offers remote communications and performs advanced diagnostics, including an automatic “Egress Lighting Integrity Test!"
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Calculator shows old strainers are energy hogs
Online calculator lets you compare the old, traditional strainer design to new low-pressure-drop strainer technology. The new LPD Y-strainer has an improved internal geometry, larger screen and more holes. Easily calculate the energy savings using your real-world numbers.
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2016 Product of the Year
Who will win gold in 2016? Consulting-Specifying Engineer announces the finalists for this year's 12th annual Product of the Year competition, and readers will have the final word.
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