Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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Keeping a retrofit from becoming a federal case
Case history: Metraflex solution saves 1,200 man-hours on an occupied federal building retrofit. Replacing 36-year-old mechanical equipment and 132 risers in occupied 45 story building.
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Energy Savings with integrated VFD
Pentair Inc. rolled out its Aurora® 380 Series Vertical Inline Pump with Variable Frequency Drive. The addition of adding the VFD to Aurora’s in-line pump eliminates the unknown costs of proper field wiring and mounting since the VFD will be wired and mounted at the factory. In addition, the VFD comes standard with BacNET communications, integral fused disconnect and local wired pressure transducer mounted on the pump discharge flange. Options include IP66/Nema 4X VFD protection along many other requirements needed at the installation.
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Got events? Know what happened and when…to 1 millisecond
Simplify power system event reconstruction and analysis with the award winning CyTime Sequence of Events Recorders SER-3200/SER-2408. Record operation of circuit breakers, relays, UPS, ATS, etc. with 1 ms accuracy allowing you to diagnose power problems and restore service quickly.
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