Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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Custom Power Distribution Center
Create a custom power distribution center with in-stock, off-the-shelf components. Choose from 5 enclosure sizes, various receptacles, motor disconnects, and switched receptacles. AMAXX® by MENNEKES® saves time, money and space.
Trane light–commercial rooftop units
Trane Precedent and Voyager light-commercial rooftop units: Ultra-high efficiency, lowest operating costs, lowest installed costs, fastest delivery and Trane reliability.
Visit Trane.com/LCU to learn more.
Seismic Gator inline joint from Metraflex
Absorbing ±4 inches of movement in all directions, the new Seismic Gator protects piping crossing the building’s seismic joint. Small profile requires a minimal footprint. Install vertically or horizontally.
Learn more at www.metraflex.com/SeismicGator
E-Mon D-Mon Smart Meters
E-Mon D-Mon Smart Meters for energy, power quality and BAS integration offer basic to advanced functions, load control, net metering and provide dual-protocol communications for simultaneous operation with multiple BAS systems, billing packages or M&V reporting.
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