Tuesday, January 15, 2013

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Motor Disconnect Switches
MENNEKES® Motor Disconnect Switches are ideally suited for Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s) often used in conveyor-based manufacturing. Built-in auxiliary contacts provide true early break action preventing switch damage. Visit www.MENNEKES.com or call 1-800-882-7584
Visit www.MENNEKES.com
Delegated Design Services – Let Us Help You Engineer Your Piping System
Metraflex uses CAEPipe® finite element analysis software to analyze your complex piping layouts for movement, stresses and anchor loads. You receive all the materials and calculations required for you to meet submittal requirements. Metraflex services include: 1) Stress analysis; 2) Design Calculations; 3) Anchor Details; and 4) Guide details. Learn more by contacting your local Metraflex account representative or contact Metraflex with your specific needs.
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Redefining HVAC
Mitsubishi Electric, America’s #1 selling brand of VRF technology, gives you added performance and efficiency in a more compact design. New R2- and Y-Series units feature industry-leading efficiency ratings, increased capacity, smaller footprint and longer line lengths. We are redefining HVAC and what you can achieve in your buildings.
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