Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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E-Mon D-Mon Smart Meters
E-Mon D-Mon Smart Meters for energy, power quality and BAS integration offer basic to advanced functions, load control, net metering and provide dual-protocol communications for simultaneous operation with multiple BAS systems, billing packages or M&V reporting.
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SwitchLITE™ Model EZT — Automatic Transfer Switch for Emergency Lighting
Specify a UL 1008 listed SwitchLITE Model EZT from Controlled Power Company — designed to automatically transfer 4, 6, or 8 individual 20-amp branch circuits to emergency power when normal power fails, and then back to normal power once it has been restored.
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Delegated Design Services – Let Us Help You Engineer Your Piping System
Metraflex uses CAEPipe® finite element analysis software to analyze your complex piping layouts for movement, stresses and anchor loads. You receive all the materials and calculations required for you to meet submittal requirements. Metraflex services include: 1) Stress analysis; 2) Design Calculations; 3) Anchor Details; and 4) Guide details. Learn more by contacting your local Metraflex account representative or contact Metraflex with your specific needs.
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Triple-Flex™ Ultra-High Efficiency Condensing Boilers feature flexible stainless steel tubes, 90% minimum thermal efficiency with 160° return, 180° supply at maximum input. Efficiencies of 99% achievable with lower return water temperatures. Triple-Flex features UL environmental claims validation.
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