Tuesday, August 9, 2016

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Dimmable Explosion Proof LED Paint Spray Booth light
The HALS-48- 4L-PC- T8 fixture is a 4 foot long, 4 lamp, UL listed Class 1 Division 2 Groups A, B, C and D hazardous area fluorescent light and a good choice for use in industrial applications and wet areas.
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Emergency Egress Lighting Solutions
As a specifying engineer, are you able to thoroughly investigate the available commercial / industrial emergency egress lighting solutions? Not all UL 924 Listed battery backup products are created equal … for many customer sites, certain products offer a far better code-compliant solution!
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Calculator shows old strainers are energy hogs
Online calculator lets you compare the old, traditional strainer design to new low-pressure-drop strainer technology. The new LPD Y-strainer has an improved internal geometry, larger screen and more holes. Easily calculate the energy savings using your real-world numbers.
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Download CFE Media's Apps for Engineers
Apps for Engineers is an "app of apps" that is available on both the App Store and Google Play. This mobile application contains links to more than 300 mobile applications created by a number of companies that engineers will find useful.
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