Tuesday, April 14, 2015

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Portable Explosion Proof LED Light System
Larson Electronics’ EPL-PM-150LED-100 consists of a 150 watt LED light head mounted within an A-frame design portable base stand. This explosion proof light provides 9,000 square feet of work area coverage with 13,000 lumens of high output LED illumination.
This unit is rated for Class 1&2, Division 1&2 environments.
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AquaPLEX® Duplex Stainless Steel Water Heaters and Storage Tanks
AquaPLEX® duplex stainless steel water heaters and storage tanks require no supplemental tank linings or anode rods and are immune to corrosion in potable water.
25-year tank warranties are available.
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Seismic Breakaway Coupling
Metraflex Seismic BreakAway Coupling. When your hangers are too short to allow full-rated movement, coupling separates at a preset load so seismic joints have complete freedom of movement.
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What If You Were Granted “3 Wishes,” Allowing You To Specify The Perfect Three-Phase Emergency Lighting Inverter?
Would any of these criteria be on your wish list? 1) Designed for 100% LED lighting loads without de-rating. 2) Space-saving cabinet footprint. 3) Only 1 battery cabinet needed for 90 minutes runtime, containing batteries with front access terminals. We can grant your inverter wishes!
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