Smart Grid

Percentage of ICS computers on which malicious objects were blocked in selected industries Courtesy: Kaspersky/ISSSource
Smart Grid October 14, 2020

Building automation, oil and gas facilities are top cybersecurity targets

There has been an increase in the percentage of systems attacked in the oil and gas industry as well as the building automation sector during the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Gregory Hale
Smart Grid March 20, 2020

Remote security working in world of coronavirus

With a large influx of people working remotely due to COVID-19, cybersecurity is becoming a topic of concern for employers and their employees.

By Gregory Hale
Smart Grid March 3, 2020

Video: Cybersecurity for Energy Managers

Cybersecurity is an important aspect of project implementation, and will become critical as information and operations technologies converge.

By CxEnergy and the AABC Commissioning Group (ACG)
Smart Grid July 19, 2018

Examining government, state, municipal, federal, and military facilities: Electrical, power, and lighting

Government and military projects are among the toughest challenges an engineer can face. Demanding facility owners, tight budget limitations, safety concerns, and other factors all come into play. Here, engineers with experience in the field offer advice on how to succeed in regards to electrical, power, and lighting.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Smart Grid October 31, 2017

Market and M&A trends in energy efficiency services

The energy-as-a-service (“EaaS”) market has created an evolving ecosystem of companies performing a wide range of functions.

By Neil Churman, 7 Mile Advisors
Smart Grid October 3, 2017

Integrate building systems to improve functionality

Integrated building systems can connect several engineered systems within a building to make it more energy-efficient and to trim costs.

By Neil Maldeis, PE, CEM, GBE; Trane, White Bear, Minn.
Smart Grid July 11, 2017

Soaring smart electric meter market: Enabling a balanced profitability landscape for the consumers and the energy companies

The world is on the cusp of a smart meter revolution set to provide customers with data and transparency in energy consumption and magnify energy efficiency.

By Ojaswita Kutepatil, Global Market Insights, Inc.
Smart Grid March 15, 2017

Networking VFDs in high-performance buildings

Historically, the use of variable frequency drives (VFDs) has been limited to large motors and projects with healthy infrastructure budgets. However, as each iteration of the energy code mandates variable flow control of mechanical systems on smaller systems, VFDs have become more commonplace. While their implementation has been typically limited to providing code-required variable flow, VFDs are capable of communicating a wealth of information on system energy consumption, equipment health, and diagnostics.

By John Gross, PE, ATD, Page, Houston
Smart Grid February 22, 2017

Smart utility meters enhance utility operations

The capabilities of advanced metering infrastructure offer opportunities for improving service and preventing lost revenue through phase error analysis.

By Jesse Teas, PE, Burns & McDonnell, Kansas City, Mo.
Smart Grid February 9, 2017

Self-powered wireless technology adds flexibility to smart buildings

Future trends in building automation solve many problems with increased flexibility and wireless technology.

By Neil Cannon, EnOcean Inc., Cottonwood Heights, Utah