The Consulting-Specifying Engineer Podcast looks at issues relevant to consulting, design and specifying professionals. Topics include mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and lighting systems. Tune in for topics that keep building professionals updated on trends and technologies. Hosted by Amara Rozgus.

Ep. 6 Tyler Mancl discusses fan energy index

Fan Energy Index (FEI) is a metric that can assist engineers in selecting the most energy efficient fans for many different applications. Tyler Mancl, P.E., Principal Application Engineer with Greenheck’s Customer Insights Team, explains how an understanding of FEI can help engineers with code compliance to ensure that fans specified will perform with improved operating efficiencies and lower sound levels.

Designing and maintaining data centers requires specific considerations and knowledge due to their large energy needs and unique codes and standards. In this episode, Forrest Secosky, the Commercial Marketing Manager for Data Centers with Eaton, breaks down the biggest trends and innovations engineers should know when working with data centers.

Hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) is an alternative fuel source that works similarly to diesel fuel. Patricia Nzioka, director of marketing & strategy for the data center business at Cummins Inc., discusses the future of HVO as an alternative fuel and how it can aid in decarbonization.

Electrical vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, making electrical vehicle charging stations an important addition to many projects. Brandon Reynolds, associate for Peter Basso Associates talks about charging station options, compatibility and what businesses should look for in new projects. This is part one of a three part series on electrical vehicles.

Diversity, community outreach and early recruiting can be key to retaining HVAC engineers. In this episode Louise Rasmussen, Senior Human Resources Partner at Trane Technologies talks creating and retaining a strong workforce.

Multi-criteria detectors, which combine multiple detection technologies, have become more common in the fire detector market Today, we are talking to fire and life safety experts Dave Lowrey and Sean Mitchell about multi-criteria detectors and why they’re important.