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Join Consulting-Specifying Engineer for a webcast on Wednesday, November 18 on selective coordination:

Improving the design process for selective coordination applications

Wednesday, November 18, 2015, at 11 a.m. PT/1 p.m. CT/2 p.m. ET
Attendees qualify for a Certificate of Completion

Selective coordination is required for critical systems, such as emergency systems, legally required standby systems, multiple elevators and critical operation power systems per the National Electrical Code® and is an important design consideration where up-time is critical. The concept of selective coordination is fairly easy to understand, but it is often challenging to design a solution for commercial, government and institutional facilities that incorporate critical systems. This presentation will discuss methods of compliance with circuit breaker only, fuse only or hybrid circuit breaker/fuse systems.

Additionally, you will hear from a customer on the challenges and solutions associated with a recent selective coordination application.

Learning objectives:

  • Define selective coordination and benefits
  • Explain the process of reaching a solution
  • Compare outcomes of inefficient solutions
  • Make use of a new tool that significantly enhances the design process


  • Dan Neeser, Field Application Engineer, Bussmann Division, Eaton, Ellisville, MO
    IEEE (Senior Member) with Industrial and Commercial Power Systems (I&CPS), NEMA, NFPA (committee member for NEC CMP-13 and NFPA 79), UL (508/60947, 508A, and 508C/61800-5- 1) and IAEI activities.
  • Scott Koelzer, PE LEED BD&C, Chief Electrical Engineer, M.E. Group
  • Erik Barnes, Marketing Manager, Bussmann Division, Eaton, Ellisville, MO

Moderator: Peter Welander, Content Manager, CFE Media

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