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CFE Media is excited to launch CFE EDU, a brand new platform that gives you the tools you need to advance your career and shape the future.


CFE EDU is an interactive online platform that offers multi-media educational courses on engineering topics that are critical to your work. Courses are AIA CES accredited and are self-paced for your convenience.




Critical Power: Hospital Electrical Systems: One (1) AIA CES accredited LU and 1 HSW credit available for attendees


Learning Objectives:

  • Assess the unique electrical system requirements of hospitals including those for patient care and non-patient areas.
  • Analyze and compare the differences between emergency and essential power, connected load and demand load, the branches of the emergency power supply system (EPSS), and the types of equipment associated with each branch.
  • Outline backup, standby, and emergency power systems for hospitals versus other building types.
  • Highlight recommended best practices such as ASHE Handbook for Electrical Systems and IEEE White Book.

Data Centers: Section 1: One (1) AIA CES accredited LU credit available for attendees

Learning Objectives:

  • Impact of new IT on the data center
  • Impact of new facilities power and cooling technology on the data center
  • Projected changes in electrical load densities
  • Anticipated changes in environmental conditions
  • Estimated future improvements in efficiencies
  • Impacts of new/revised data center industry standards and benchmarks.

Safety First: Arc Flash 101: One (1) AIA CES accredited LU and 1 HSW credit available for attendees


Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the importance of electrical safety
  • Define codes and standards as they relate to electrical safety
  • Explore arc flash and safety measures
  • Summarize codes and standards for electrical safety (i.e. NFPA 70E)
  • Analyze the challenges and solutions for electrical safety
  • Understanding how to minimize safety risks in hazardous environments
  • Identify the elements of establishing and maintaining a safe work environment.