New Aztec Student Recreation Center

Project Profile: New Aztec Student Recreation Center

Firm name: P2S Engineering Inc. 

Project building name and location: New Aztec Student Recreation Center, San Diego, Calif.

Type of building and type of project:Public Libraries, New Construction

Project completion date and project duration: 2013

Engineering challenges and solutions:

The efforts of P2S Engineering are contributing to nearly half of the 80 LEED credits required to achieve LEED Platinum Certification. This includes submitting on all 35 of 35 possible credits for the Energy and Atmosphere category and on credits for lighting and thermal comfort in the category of Indoor Environmental Quality. P2S has incorporated both photovoltaic (PV) solar panels and skylights for power generation and natural daylighting, sunshade devices and operable windows for energy reduction and natural venting. The project takes advantage of traditional engineering methodologies along with a number of new green engineering technologies that work together to make for a cleaner building that requires less natural resources, while providing increased comfort for students, faculty and visitors.

The design team used an integrated strategy to maximize benefits while minimizing resources and costs. P2S included sub-metering of all utility systems within the building to allow the owner to better understand energy and water consumption patterns. The design also incorporates several low-pressure variable air volume (VAV) systems with economizers. Radiant slab heating and cooling with a dedicated outside air system is provided in parts of the building to reduce fan energy and improve indoor air quality. Carbon dioxide sensors will provide demand-based ventilation for high occupancy spaces.

The electrical design includes highly efficient light fixtures and task lighting to illuminate the spaces within the buildings, effective daylight and demand controls to harvest daylight savings and reduce overall lighting power densities, use of energy efficient distribution transformers to reduce energy losses and provision of renewable power through PV system on the roof to offset a portion of the building energy usage.



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