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Motors, Drives February 1, 2004

AHR Expo Sets West Coast Attendance Records

New attendance records were set at the 2004 AHR Expo in Anaheim, at least for a West Coast show. With more than 22,000 registered visitors—not including exhibitor personnel—the '04 event set a new record, while the number of exhibiting companies (1,652), and net sq. ft. of exhibit space (324,590) also topped previous West Coast records.

By Staff
Motors, Drives May 1, 2003

Corvette Summer

Sometime in the early or mid-'70s I was sitting in my dentist's office looking at MotorTrend or some such magazine, reading an article that showed some concepts of what the future Corvette might look like. At the time, the current model was the Stingray, which I thought was a very cool car. Looking at those prototype renderings, however, I thought, "What dope came up with this idea?" Several ye...

By Jim Crockett, Editor-in-Chief
Motors, Drives November 1, 2001

What’s On CCTV?

Even the best designed and installed camera system is nothing more than a security tactic or tool that should help answer the question: What is the owner interested in protecting?For example, when trying to protect the exterior building perimeter, parking lots, utility connections and other outdoor items, exterior cameras must be used.

By Jeffrey A. Lupinacci, RCDD, LAN Specialist, Senior Security Designer, Brinjac Engineering, Harrisburg, Pa.
Motors, Drives August 15, 2001

“Motor Decisions Matter” Campaign Launched

A coalition of motor manufacturers, utilities, trade associations and government agencies have teamed up to promote energy conservation for motors.

By Staff
Motors, Drives August 1, 2001

Do the math: efficient motors alone don’t add up

It's a distinct probability that sometime in your career you've read an article on energy conservation and increasing motor efficiency. The whole point of these essays is to provide instruction or influence readers to get into the mindset to conserve resources and decrease pollution—noble causes.

By Ken Lovorn, P.E., President, Lovorn Engineers, Pittsburgh
Motors, Drives July 12, 2001

Research Shows Copper Rotor Efficiencies for Motors

Motors using new die-cast copper rotors can reduce energy loss by 15 to 23 percent, compared with the current industry-standard motors using aluminum rotors, according to the Copper Development Association (CDA), New York.

By Staff
Motors, Drives January 1, 2001

Modifying Engine Exhaust for Savings

Electric and steam-turbine drives for chillers are common practice. However, the use of gas-engine-driven chillers, particularly in a high-rise city building, is unique.When it came to a chiller retrofit for the Time & Life building in Manhattan, this selection required an analysis of the gas-engine exhaust, noise and vibration potential and the cooling tower and riser capacity.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Motors, Drives October 1, 2000

Variable Speed at Alliant Energy

Using the basic design concepts employed at Harley-Davidson University (see page 28), an enhanced version was developed for the Alliant Energy World Headquarters located in Madison, Wisconsin. This 320,000-square-foot building currently under construction is a working model for the efficient energy-management policy of this utility company.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Motors, Drives January 1, 1970

Chicago Hotel’s New Cooling Tower Gets a Lift

Chicago’s Palmer House Hilton needed to replace its cooling tower and called on industrial and commercial HVAC firm Team Mechanical, Inc. (TMI) to aid with the purchasing and installation of the tower onto the roof of the 24-floor hotel. TMI worked with Maddock Industries to purchase the new $250,000, 112,000-lb.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff