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Motors, Drives August 15, 2006

NEMA Releases 2006 Motors And Generators Standard

The National Electrical Manufacturers Assn. has published MG 1-2006, Motors and Generators. MG 1-2006 provides more than 500 pages of manufacturing and performance data related to electric motors and generators, and is designed to assist users in the proper selection and application of motors and generators.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Motors, Drives July 1, 2006

A Drive for All Spaces

The biggest challenge with mixed-use facilities is that they employ multiple systems in one building to accommodate different types of space. Commercial facilities run constantly for extended hours, often with different technologies, where residential facilities generally use more localized systems, with limited runtime. In a mixed-used facility with both of these space types, loads will vary and move around the building throughout the day. The building will experience a large pickup in load early in the morning to accommodate residential occupants getting ready for work.

By Steve Gonzalez, CEM, Senior Product Manager, Honeywell, Environmental and Combustion Controls Div., Golden Valley, Minn.
Motors, Drives February 21, 2006

FEMP Designates NEMA Premium Motors as Standard for Federal Facilities

The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) has accepted a recommendation from the National Electrical Manufacturers Assn. (NEMA) to make mandatory federal purchase of NEMA Premium motors in federal facilities. “Adoption of NEMA Premium by FEMP as the federal motors efficiency standard clearly signals our country's willingness to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Emerson Motor Company's Rob Boteler, chairman of NEMA’s Motors and Generators Section Energy Management Task Force. “NEMA fully expects many industrial and commercial motors users to follow the federal example and specify only NEMA Premium motors.” FEMP issued federal notice last week of a new standard to all federal agencies on the procurement of premium efficient motors.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Motors, Drives June 24, 2005

A Case Study in Rx for Maintenance-Intensive Cooling Towers

Metal cooling towers lined with galvanizing or other coatings have been around for a long time—in many instances, far too long. Like an aging fighter, decades-old metal cooling towers frequently become high-maintenance, while performance drops off sharply. Over time, these towers are increasingly thin-skinned and inefficient, and can cause unscheduled process disruptions. Secondary damage can also be caused by chronic “leakers,” and outdated tower fans and motors often consume more energy than necessary.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Motors, Drives March 8, 2005

Smoke Control for the Home Office

In the design of the U.K. Government’s new Home Office headquarters, an effective, well-designed smoke-control system was essential, being that each of the facility’s three buildings contained full-sized atria. Specified by an M/E team from Flack + Kurtz, U.K., fans are connected to each of the atria roof plenums with a capability of extracting a total volume of air equivalent to four air changes per hr. in the atrium and a single largest floor. The uppermost two levels of offices in each building are separated from the atrium via full height glazing to create a smoke reservoir in the atrium.

By David Stillman, Managing Director, Flack + Kurtz (UK) Ltd., London
Motors, Drives November 8, 2004

Industry Roundup: NEMA Motors, ABB Drives, Honeywell Health and More

• The National Electrical Manufacturers Association recently released state-level shipment data on its NEMA Premium program, which demonstrates a significant increase in each of the six reported categories. The data show that in 2001-2002 the total net units shipped went up approximately 30%. In 2002-2003 there was a 14% increase over the previous years, suggesting a growing demand for premium-efficiency motors. • Carrier Corporation, Farmington, Conn., and New Berlin, Wis.-based ABB, Inc.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Motors, Drives November 1, 2004

Exploring China, but Building at Home

This month's special report "Going Abroad," p. 36, addresses the trend of many U.S. M/E/P engineering firms pursuing overseas opportunities in the manufacturing sector. Ft. Smith, Ark.-based motor and drives manufacturer Baldor is no exception. In fact, according to Randy Breaux, the company's director of marketing, Baldor exports nearly $10 million worth of product to China alone.

By Staff
Motors, Drives November 1, 2004

More than One Criteria

Surge suppressors are rated by their single-pulse, maximum surge current per mode. However, a number of other criteria should be considered, such as how they respond to the various ANSI/IEEE waves and the relative let-through current resulting from each of the waves—i.e., B3, B3/C1 combination wave and C3.

By Ken Lovorn, P.E., Lovorn Engineering Associates, LLC, Pittsburgh
Motors, Drives July 1, 2004

BACnet Bags Big Backers

Proponents of the BACnet open communications standard received some good news recently, as two major international HVAC and controls manufacturers announced they are committing to the protocol as their primary vehicle of interoperability. ABB's Low-Voltage Drives division announced BACnet is now available as a loadable option in the company's all-new drive for HVAC, ACH550 DriveIT Low Voltage A...

By Staff
Motors, Drives June 1, 2004

The Cold Facts — A Case of Overheating Motors

Motor failures can be a mystery, especially when their causes originate outside a facility's walls. That's the conundrum that faced a small motor shop recently, when a spate of failures sparked an investigation of the seemingly random breakdowns. The machinists called for assistance from the motor-rewind shop that had been repairing the failed models—a not-unusual resource for those facin...

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