Mirabella at South Waterfront

Project Profile: Mirabella at South Waterfront

Firm name: Glumac

Project building name and location: Mirabella at South Waterfront, Portland, OR

Type of building and type of project: High-Rise Residential, New Construction

Project completion date and project duration: September 2010

Engineering challenges and solutions:

The design team faced few challenges on this project due to the phenomenal synergy amongst the owner, contractor, architect, and engineers. One self-induced challenge was brought on by the architect, who suggested to the team that the original goal of seeking LEED Gold certification be elevated to that of reaching LEED Platinum. ·

Solutions to the above challenges

The team took on the challenge, and sought ways to earn further LEED points to reach the goal of Platinum. One of the last steps taken was purging the building of off-gassing contaminants. The fans in the stairwells and elevators provided some of the air used to perform this task.

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