Exam for Continuing Education Units 1.5 learning units (0.15 CEUs)

Fundamentals and Fine Points of Circuit Protection for PV and Mission Critical Systems

Thursday, September 29, 2011 at 2 p.m. ET/1 p.m. CT/11 a.m. PT

1.5 AIA-certified learning units available


You must get 12 of 15 questions correct to pass the exam. You may retake the exam if necessary. You will be notified whether you passed or failed automatically after taking the exam. Upon passing the exam, you will receive directions for downloading a PDF of the completion certificate.

Selective coordination for circuit protection is a relatively basic electrical engineering procedure; however, advancements in technologies and constant changes to codes and standards require engineers to regularly update their knowledge and documentation. And besides, even basics need to be drilled or they get fuzzy, which can lead to design and selection errors. Furthermore, new market trends require learning new skills, and the emergence of solar electric (photovoltaic) systems has brought PV circuit protection to the forefront.

This three-part webcast begins with a brush-up on circuit protection basics for fuses and circuit breakers. Part 1 is brush-up on the fundamentals of circuit protection and selective coordination calculations for fuses and circuit breakers. Part 2 applies these basics to a data center project. Part 3 instructs on circuit protection for PV systems and how arc fault protectors, which are required in the 2011 National Electric Code, can increase the fire safety of roof-mounted PV systems.


  • James Ferris, Electrical Project Engineer, TLC Engineering for Architecture
  • Keith Lane, PE, RCDD/NTS/RTPM, LC, LEED AP, President and CEO, Lane Coburn and Assoc. LLC
  • David Dini, PE, Research Engineer, Underwriters Laboratories

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