Video: Data Center Commissioning: What you need to know

Commissioning data centers requires some specific knowledge and skills because of their unique requirements.

Video Courtesy: CxEnergy 2015

Judson H. Adams, PE, CxA, ATD, Power Management Corporation

Abstract: Data centers have become a critically important facility type in our modern economy. Because of their unique requirements, commissioning them properly requires some specific knowledge and skills. This practical session will discuss uptime tier classifications, working in live data centers, balancing reliability vs efficiency, and much more. Also featured will be a review of example data-center-specific functional performance and integrated system tests.

This presentation was part of the 28-workshop technical program for CxEnergy 2015. Next year's CxEnergy Conference & Expo will be held in Dallas, April 11-13. CSE readers get 10% discount on registration (use promo code: CSE10). For more information, visit

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