Video: Commissioning a Net Positive Energy School: Case Study

In this case study, explore how a school project achieved net-positive energy building status.

Video Courtesy: CxEnergy 2014

Robert Knoedler, PE, CxA, EMP, Hanson Professional Services
Gretchen Coleman, PE, CxA, EMP, Gretchen Coleman Commissioning Group, LLC.

Abstract: Explore the unique attributes and lessons learned in the commissioning of this groundbreaking school project that resulted in not just net-zero energy usage, but net positive. The development of the project under a private-public p(P3) agreement will also be discussed.

This presentation was part of the 28-workshop technical program for CxEnergy 2015. Next year's CxEnergy Conference & Expo will be held in Dallas, April 11-13. CSE readers get 10% discount on registration (use promo code: CSE10). For more information, visit

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