What codes and standards to consider when selecting a fire and life safety system

Speaker: Milosh Puchovsky, PE, FSFPE, Professor of Practice and Director of Corporate & Professional Education, Department of Fire Protection Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Cost and time are an issue for commercial building design engineers. Milosh Puchovsky discusses what engineers should consider, and what engineers should decide early on in conjunction with the developer and building owner. Also, consider green/sustainable buildings, and codes and standards.


For more information on fire & life safety, mass notification, and other early detection methods, visit the Fire & Life Safety Channel.


Puchovsky’s areas of expertise include: water-based fire protection systems including sprinklers, fire pumps, water mist, water spray, and foam; gaseous suppression systems including clean agents; building and fire code development and application; occupant egress and life safety concepts; fire engineering design practices including performance-based design; regulatory policy; loss control techniques and practices; hazard analysis; engineering business practices; and litigation support.

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