Kiowa County (KS) Memorial Hospital

Project Profile: Kiowa County (KS) Memorial Hospital

Firm name: Professional Engineering Consultants, P.A. (PEC)

Project building name and location: Kiowa County (KS) Memorial Hospital, Greensburg, KS. 

Type of building and type of project: Hospital, New Construction

Project completion date and project duration: March 2010

Engineering challenges and solutions:


This project was the first LEED Platinum Certified critical access hospital in the United States. To achieve this designation required:

  • A significant analysis of available energy management strategies
  • The delivery approach conceived by staff and management for a completely new facility
  • An unyielding commitment to LEED Platinum facility Design Principles

The final solutions remain unique to most facilities in the healthcare industry.

Engineering Solutions:

PEC provided both structural and electrical engineering for this new hospital. To create a truly healing environment and accomplish certification, PEC engineers used a number of innovative techniques, including:

  • Significant use of daylighting throughout the building. Teamwork between the electrical and structural engineering disciplines was crucial to accomplishing this because the windows and clearstory required had significant implications in the tilt-up construction
  • Daylight harvesting lighting controls to limit lighting power consumption
  • Extensive use of occupancy sensing local lighting controls
  • Individual occupant lighting controls allowing building users to limit lighting to what is needed and where it is needed
  • Time-of-day scheduling of lighting zones throughout the building and site to ensure the right lights are on at the right times
  • On-Site 50kW Wind Turbine generating 220,000 kWh annually connected directly to the hospital’s power distribution system
  • Underground FEMA shelter for safety in the event of future tornadoes

The lighting systems in the building use a combination of LED, linear fluorescent, and compact fluorescent sources to meet energy reduction goals while satisfying the diverse visual needs of a hospital environment. Careful coordination of fixture selections and lamping with the interior design of the building allows the lighting systems to complement the healing environment and meet the lighting needs and efficiency expectations of patients, guests, and staff.




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