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Integration November 4, 2022

Should an engineering firm worry about ESG?

Engineering firms that follow environmental, social and governance principles embrace a holistic approach to business

By Kevin R. Batche
Integration July 8, 2022

How to leverage construction data to level up your next food plant project

Modern data collection and analytics have created infinite opportunities for businesses to leverage information to their advantage.

By Mats Elmsater
Integration April 5, 2022

Technology drives K-12 school changes in automation and controls

Updates, COVID and tech trends are shifting the way K-12 schools are designed with regard to building automation and controls

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Integration November 10, 2021

3D design in a 2D world: Accelerating innovation with 2D BIM

BIM isn’t a singular idea or just 3D modeling software; it’s an engineering tool that aids designers by increasing efficiency and optimization.

By Adam Roth
Integration October 28, 2021

Consulting-Specifying Engineer most-viewed integration articles in 2021

Read the best articles about BAS integration, smart grid integration, BIM use in a pandemic, building integration and more.

By Chris Vavra
Integration August 25, 2021

Your questions answered: Transforming the Construction Cycle to Build Smart Buildings

Questions left unanswered during the webcast are answered here by Joe Richard

By Joe Richard
Integration May 11, 2020

Seamless integration: How big is the seam?

Seamless connectivity for system integrators is a challenge, but the Internet of Things (IoT) can make the path from the integrator to the user experience an easier one.

By Mike Phillips
Integration December 3, 2019

Leveraging BIM for improved project coordination, integration

Building information modeling can help construction companies enhance productivity, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution

By Amanda Comunale, Victaulic, Easton, Pa.
Integration December 4, 2018

Case study: System integration for intelligent buildings

Chicago’s newest intelligent building follows best practices to ensure successful system integration throughout.

By David Clute, cohesionIB, Colorado, and Rick Szcodronski, cohesionIB, California
Integration October 31, 2018

Leaning into IPD: A primer for engineers: definitions

Integrated project delivery (IPD) is aimed at more directly connecting what the end users are expecting to get and what actually gets built for them, while at the same time minimizing lifecycle costs and shortening the overall schedule.

By Laurence V. Wilson, PE, ASHRAE HFDP, LEED AP, CDT
Integration October 18, 2018

Improving construction industry efficiency with IPD

A review of the basic concepts relating to an integrated project delivery (IPD) model and the role that the consulting engineer plays in the collaborative efforts to design, build, and operate IPD facilities as efficiently as possible.

By Mike Zorich, PE, LEED AP; and Dave Pflipsen, PE, LEED AP
Integration September 28, 2018

Ask an Engineering Expert: What trends do you see today in the design of industrial, manufacturing, and warehouse facilities?

In this installment of our Ask an Engineering Expert series, Marcin Jakubowski, Senior Mechanical Engineer at RTM Engineering Consultants, answers the question: What trends do you see today in the design of industrial, manufacturing, and warehouse facilities?

By Marcin Jakubowski, RTM Associates
Integration September 24, 2018

Your questions answered: Pre-Construction: How Focusing on it Early Helps Profitability Later

The September 13, 2018 “Pre-Construction: How Focusing on it Early Helps Profitability Later” webcast presenter addressed questions not covered during the live event.

By Brendan Haas, Panduit
Integration September 18, 2018

Case study: Changing the continuum of mental health services

Via a public-private partnership, a Saskatchewan mental health facility was upgraded using integrated solutions.

By Salvatore Bonetto Jr., RCDD, EIT, CDT; Theodore Fowler, PE, PEng, CannonDesign
Integration August 23, 2018

Your questions answered: Lighting controls

The Aug. 16, 2018, lighting controls webcast presenters addressed questions not covered during the live event.

By Sara Lappano, PE, LC, LEED AP; and Michael Chow, PE, CEM, CxA, LEED AP BD+C
Integration July 31, 2018

Enhancing integration of electric and HVAC design

Know the factors to consider when working to maximize integration of electrical and HVAC system design to achieve economic and operational benefits.

By John McGonegle, PE, LEED AP; IMEG Corp., Rock Island, Ill.
Integration June 25, 2018

How to integrate lighting systems in health care facilities

Meeting lighting system requirements in a health care facility is a challenge because of the myriad codes and standards required to ensure safety.

By Timothy Larson, RTM Engineering Consultants
Integration May 13, 2018

Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer Articles, May 7-13

Meeting NEC 240.87, lighting controls, efficient data centers, and building AEC firm value were Consulting-Specifying Engineer's five most clicked articles from last week, March April 23-29. Were you out last week? You can catch up here.

By Sierra Grayson, CFE Media
Integration April 17, 2018

Case Study: Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Department, 3-D laser scanning to BIM

Equipment upgrade using 3-D laser scanning

By Russell Tamblyn, Timothy A. Verwey, Humayun Qureshi
Integration March 30, 2018

We are Open, Sorry for the Inconvenience

Open systems are often locked by manufacturers and system integrators in order to maintain a competitive advantage, but that is antithetical to their intended purpose.

By Jason Gladney, Southland Industries
Integration March 26, 2018

We are all designers

The fields of construction, architecture, and engineering are merging. There are many factors that affect building design, and modern engineering challenges the way traditional design is segmented.

By Owen Dalton, CannonDesign
Integration December 22, 2017

How to establish long-term client engagement

Analytics tools and data analysis allows for successful, long-term client engagement.

By Brice Kosnik, BuildPulse
Integration December 13, 2017

How to properly integrate fire alarm systems and HVAC systems

Organizing the coordination with the engineering team is key to a successful system integration project.

By Wayne D. Moore and Larry D. Rietz, JENSEN HUGHES
Integration November 16, 2017

6 CFD post-processing tips to improve visualization productivity and quality

Post-processing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) data is a vital step in presenting the results to decision-makers, and ensuring the best product design.

By Abdullah Karimi, Southland Industries
Integration October 16, 2017

How to use IPD for design-bid-build success

By engaging all the players in a building’s design or retrofit, integrated project delivery (IPD) can ensure the project runs smoothly.

By Roger Chang, PE, LEED Fellow; DLR Group, Washington, D.C.
Integration July 21, 2017

Integrating teams for success

Integrate the architectural and engineering teams for project success.

By John Gross, PE, ATD; Principal/Mechanical Engineering Director, Page, Houston
Integration July 7, 2017

Top 6 mistakes made on IPD projects

Integrated project delivery (IPD) projects involve equal opportunity for risk and reward.

By Henry Nut III, Southland Industries
Integration June 30, 2017

How private capital can help AEC firms with growth and ownership transition

Private capital is a potentially viable solution for many common challenges relating to growth and ownership transition in the AEC industry.

By Neil Churman
Integration June 26, 2017

Designing buildings for the Internet of Things

The networking of things within a building must be anticipated by building engineers.

By Tim Kuhlman, PE, RCDD; TEECOM, Portland, Ore.
Integration June 26, 2017

Integrating BAS, controls for smart buildings

Technology integration between all engineering disciplines will create a smart building that can enhance building operations.

By Brandon McCarron, Envise, Garden Grove, Calif.
Integration June 23, 2017

High expectations for high-performance buildings

High-performance buildings are intricate, complex projects that require attention—qualified, expert consulting-specifying engineers apply their knowledge on such projects.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Integration June 23, 2017

High expectations for high-performance buildings: automation and controls

High-performance buildings are intricate, complex projects that require attention—qualified, expert consulting-specifying engineers apply their knowledge on such projects specifically within the building automation and controls segment.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Integration June 23, 2017

High expectations for high-performance buildings: codes and standards

High-performance buildings are intricate, complex projects that require attention—qualified, expert consulting-specifying engineers apply their knowledge on such projects specifically within the codes and standards segment.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Integration June 23, 2017

High expectations for high-performance buildings: electrical, lighting, power

High-performance buildings are intricate, complex projects that require attention—qualified, expert consulting-specifying engineers apply their knowledge on such projects specifically within the electrical, lighting, power segment.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Integration June 23, 2017

High expectations for high-performance buildings: sustainable buildings/energy efficiency

High-performance buildings are intricate, complex projects that require attention—qualified, expert consulting-specifying engineers apply their knowledge on such projects specifically within the sustainable buildings/energy efficiency segment.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Integration June 9, 2017

BIM champions: Why do we need them?

Currently, with the lack of studies on evaluating BIM, Professionals are using the BIM-MM as a tool to answer different questions on the BIM agenda.The BIM-MM is a tool that evaluates BIM in projects, it combines a set of critical BIM criteria including the BIM Champion.

By Ammar Azzouz, ARUP
Integration June 2, 2017

Retooling practice for better BIM delivery

BIM-enabled design and construction enables an enhanced certainty of outcome, in accordance with the prescribed reliability of multidisciplinary BIM deliverables creating a more efficient process and successful project.

By Brian Skripac, LEED AP, CannonDesign
Integration April 27, 2017

Analyzing data centers: automation and controls

Data is the lifeblood of any business or organization—which makes a data center a facility’s beating heart. Here, engineers with experience on data center projects show how to succeed on such facilities, and how to keep your finger on the pulse of data center trends in regards to automation and controls.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Integration April 26, 2017

Emerging wireless technologies in building automation

Engineers need to consider wireless technologies for building automation systems and realize the benefits of wireless systems for each scenario.

By Bryce Jacobs, Computrols, Gretna, La.
Integration April 25, 2017

Networked lighting controls

With the advent of building technology comes the need for monitoring and intercommunication between heating, cooling, electrical, lighting, fire/life safety, and other systems for optimized efficiency and operation.

By Robert J. Garra Jr., PE, CDT, CannonDesign, Grand Island, N.Y.
Integration March 29, 2017

A new approach to specifying with BACnet

Updated standard ASHRAE 135-2016 makes specifying BACnet equipment easier.

By Scott Ziegenfus, Hubbell Lighting, Greenville, S.C.
Integration January 25, 2017

Integrated design solutions to improve energy efficiency

To resolve the issue of improving efficiency while making projects more cost-effective, disciplines must work together toward integrated design solutions.

By Steven Staus, LEED AP, Glumac
Integration November 15, 2016

Montreal Hospital the largest health care construction project in North America

At 21 stories tall and 3 million sq ft, CHUM is the largest health care construction project in North America.

By CannonDesign
Integration May 24, 2016

Virtual reality and its role in architecture

On March 24th, I gave a presentation on real-time rendering and virtual reality (VR) at Midwest University 2016.

By CannonDesign
Integration March 14, 2016

Appliance for building automation

The Commander Internet of Things appliance for building automation is designed for system interconnectivity, data visualization, and energy optimization for small and medium buildings.

By KMC Controls
Integration November 16, 2015

Taking BIM to the next level

Electrical engineers are being pushed toward using BIM.

By Gene Candela, Schneider Electric, Kennesaw, Ga.
Integration October 28, 2015

Integration: HVAC fans and smoke control

Fire, life safety, and HVAC systems must be integrated by the engineer to achieve reliability in smoke control systems. This includes mechanical equipment, physical barriers, or a combination of both.

By Mark Mecham, PE, JBA Consulting Engineers, Las Vegas
Integration August 25, 2015

Fiber optics: a backbone for advanced building design

Fiber-optic cables are an integral part of a building communication system. Although they are commonly installed for the enterprise network communication, they are also designed into building-management systems and electrical-power coordination.

By Tim Kuhlman, PE, RCDD, and James Godfrey, CH2M, Portland, Ore.
Integration April 23, 2015

Government building design: Automation and controls

When your client is the government, engineering design can be tricky, thanks to stepped-up regulations, budgetary concerns, and other considerations. Respondents discuss building automation and controls in government, state, municipal, federal, and military facilities.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Integration April 14, 2015

Revit planning tools

Revit 2015 R2 includes features that add powerful capabilities, enhance software performance, and improve user productivity for architects, and MEP and structural engineers.

By Autodesk
Integration March 23, 2015

What the 1970s oil crisis taught us

Due in part to the 1973 oil crisis, government agencies emphasized energy efficiency in many sectors.

By Bill Kosik, PE, CEM, BEMP, LEED AP BD+C, HP Data Center Facilities Consulting, C
Integration March 12, 2015

Using IPD and Lean in building design

Consider integrated project delivery (IPD) and Lean design to provide a more streamlined engineering process and less waste.

By Sarah S. Kuchera, PE, LEED AP, Associate Principal, ccrd, Dallas
Integration December 29, 2014

Arup Thoughts: Lawyers, don’t block BIM

It is time for lawyers to start enabling BIM instead of blocking it.The legal profession should not be permitted to dictate the direction of the construction industry when it comes to building information modelling (BIM).

By Bethan Onions, Arup
Integration November 25, 2014

Young architects challenge engineers

The newest generation of architects wants to be part of the larger plan.

By Julianne Laue, PE, LEED AP, BEMP, Mortenson Construction, Minneapolis
Integration November 6, 2014

Security essentials for BAS

Engineers should understand the three-legged stool of cybersecurity for building automation systems.

By Kevin Callahan, Alerton, and Daniel Heine, Honeywell Automation & Control
Integration June 24, 2014

Programmable controllers offer diversity for building automation integrators

Building automation equipment market has been slow going; however, IHS expects this to change as the market moves toward fully programmable controllers in the shorter term.

By Omar Talpur, IHS Technology
Integration June 5, 2014

Collaborate, integrate on lighting design

A panel discussion at LightFair International encouraged lighting designers to collaborate, educate, and integrate for the best possible outcome.

By Amara Rozgus, Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Integration January 27, 2014

Data center design: Automation and controls

In the information age, data centers are one of the most critical components of a facility. If the data center isn’t reliable, business can’t be done. Automation and controls play a key role.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Integration November 13, 2013

Integrators seek differentiation in building automation market

Integrators are putting an increasing emphasis on product choice and adding value to systems to better position themselves in a growing market where small- and medium-sized independent integrators accounted for 57 of the overall takings.

By IHS Inc.
Integration October 4, 2013

Why the time is right for integration

There are a number of factors that remove traditional integration barriers.

By Michael J. Mar and Robert G. Knight, Environmental Systems Design Inc., Chicago
Integration September 5, 2013

Cloud-based energy management system

Telkonet's EcoCentral Virtual Engineer is a cloud-based energy management command center that communicates with intelligent wireless thermostats, occupancy sensors, and other products and systems.

Integration July 23, 2013

IP-all-the-way is the way to go

To take full advantage of building management systems, we need Internet protocol all the way down to the simplest devices.

By Varun Nagaraj, Echelon Corp., San Jose, Calif.
Integration June 24, 2013

Engineering systems in manufacturing, industrial buildings: Building automation and controls

Manufacturing and industrial facilities require specialized building automation, monitoring, and control systems.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Integration April 22, 2013

Primary Integration Solutions names business development director

Primary Integration Solutions has named Christopher Ludeman the Director of Business Development; he has 15 years of experience in the mission critical industry.

Integration April 9, 2013

Dual-protocol interval data recorders

E-Mon’s Interval Data Recorder (IDR) is designed for collecting kilowatt-hour and demand data from 8 or 16 connected meters at user-selectable 15-, 30-, or 60-min intervals.

By Chris Vavra, Content Specialist
Integration April 8, 2013

Networked BAS, energy management systems

Read about the 5 finalists in the Networked BAS, Energy Management Systems category for the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2013 Product of the Year competition.

By Chris Vavra, Content Specialist
Integration April 8, 2013

Test instruments, meters, data loggers

Read about the 6 finalists in the Test Instruments, Meters, Data Loggers category for the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2013 Product of the Year competition.

By Chris Vavra, Content Specialist
Integration April 1, 2013

Open systems: The foundation for a new era of BAS

As system integration strategies become more complex, the need for improved building automation system specifications becomes evident.

By Ron Bernstein, RBCG LLC, Encinitas, Calif.
Integration March 8, 2013

Integrating electrical safety with design

Integrating maintenance requirements into the design of an electrical system is an important first step to provide workplace safety.

By Kenneth Mastrullo, MES Consulting Services Inc., Weymouth, Mass.
Integration January 24, 2013

Engineers should focus on integration

By becoming a building systems integrator, engineers can ensure successful buildings—and a successful future.

By Anil Ahuja, PE, LEED AP, RCDD, president, CCJM Engineers Ltd., Chicago
Integration January 16, 2009

ESI acquires ECC Controls

Environmental Systems Inc. looks to expand its technological offerings and geographical base by taking on ECC's temperature controls, building automation, energy management, and security system offerings.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff