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Wireless room temperature sensor can be installed on any type of surface. Designed for applications where wiring would be difficult, the sensor can be mounted directly or by using a standard electrical conduit box. Features include a 100-ft. transmission range and multi-frequency hopping for signal integrity.


Wireless room temperature sensor can be installed on any type of surface. Designed for applications where wiring would be difficult, the sensor can be mounted directly or by using a standard electrical conduit box. Features include a 100-ft. transmission range and multi-frequency hopping for signal integrity. (Wireless Sensor by Siemens)

Hygroscopic air vent is de- signed for baseboard, steam or hot water radiators and convectors. The unit can be set for manual or automatic venting of water radiators via its fiberglass knob cartridge portion. (Model 508 by Hoffman Specialty)

Electrical specifying software offers updated sections on network wiring and wiring devices. The cross reference section allows the user to locate a product based on its product number, and the reference section provides additional supporting data. (SpecPartner Version 3.0 by Pass & Seymour/Legrand)

Air flow enhancer is part of a cooling system for computer and communications equipment. The lightweight fan unit mounts to the rear of a 60-in. or higher rack enclosure. It contains dual cords and five independent fans to ensure reliability for critical equipment applications. (XDA by Liebert)

AC drive can achieve motor speed regulation of 0.001% over a wide operating speed range, as well as hold full torque at zero speed. Available in global ratings from 0.37 kW (0.5 hp) to 110 kW (150 hp) and voltage ratings from 240 to 600 volts, the unit offers an integral electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) filter, and a built-in brake eliminates the need for external choppers and dynamic braking modules. (PowerFlex 700 by Rockwell Automation)

Thermostatic mixing valve is designed for applications where tempering of large quantities of water is required, such as showering, hand washing and emergency use in hotels, schools, hospitals and other facilities. Available in high-low, standard and emergency fixture models, each unit is preassembled. (Navigator by Bradley Corporation)

Pump controller is a variable-frequency drive with integral microprocessor controller that mounts directly on the motor. It is designed for HVAC, water supply and irrigation pressure boosting applications. Standard programmable features include over/undervoltage protection, overload/overhead protection, adjustable acceleration/deceleration and high temperature alarms. (Technovar by Bell & Gossett)

Sprinkler system brochure offers detailed information on commercial flow-monitoring systems for fire sprinklers. It highlights a pressure and valve monitoring system, as well as common and advanced monitoring systems. A two-page specification table acts as a reference guide for fire-protection and life-safety engineers. (Brochure by System Sensor)

Telephone interface lets staff manage calls from anywhere within a facility via a portable intercom station. It uses standard cordless caller identification (CID) to enable mobile duplex voice communication. When the CID phone receives a call, the phone's LCD displays the caller's extension number and directory name. The interface includes hold, transfer, paging and conference call capabilities. (Spectrum by Jeron Electronic Systems)

Security dome camera works in all lighting conditions, even almost complete darkness, with a 22x optical (11x digital) zoom. The day/night version automatically switches from day (color) to night (black and white) when lux levels drop significantly. Compatible with most industry protocols, it eliminates the need for additional hardware or adapters. (SpeedDome Ultra VII by American Dynamics)

Water heater utilizes a feed-forward monitoring system and a high-range steam control valve to maintain +/-4sociated maintenance. (WaterWizard by Aerco International, Inc.)

Professional directory is a reference for AEC firms to contact editors of more than 130 trade and professional publications. It includes media relations tactics, current editorial calendars, personal tips and recommendations from editors on how to submit information. (Publicity Directory by Fuessler Group)

Ethernet module connects motors and drives to the Internet. Operators can check drive performance via e-mail. Using the link, drives can also provide information such as load level, run time, energy consumption and I/O data. (NETA-01 by ABB, Inc.)

Vent-free gas heater is designed for difficult-to-heat areas. The 30,000 BTU/hr. unit is available in natural gas or LP gas models. It features a non-electric thermostatic control with a two-stage gas valve, which allows automatic adjustment. (Heater by SunStar Heating Products, Inc.)

Code compliance guide provides quick reference for a grease duct system that can be installed at a "zero" clearance to combustibles. It lists recognized codes, standards and classifications, and includes a state code compliance guide. (Code Compliance Guide for Series 4G by Metal-Fab, Inc.)

Motors are designed to withstand corrosive washdown solutions containing caustic lye, bleach, acids, alkalines and surfactants. All exterior surfaces are made from 300-series stainless steel. Double-sealed bearings on both ends are pre-lubricated with moisture-resistant, high-temperature grease. (Motors by Leeson)

Air-handling units are configured for either indoor or outdoor applications, as well as indoor energy recovery. Casings are steel panels that are laminated, galvanized and pre-stained inside and out to protect the unit from "white rust," which can contaminate indoor-air quality. Only a single hand tool is required for assembly. (Aero 39MN and 39MW by Carrier)

Power supply unit has overload protection for greater than 120% of normal voltage on main output, as well as overcurrent protection for auto restart and short circuit. It measures 8 in. x 4.2 in. x 1.5 in. and weighs two lbs. The unit meets FCC class B and EN55022B-conducted noise limits. (PSF-151 by Phihong)

Variable-speed motor controller modulates motor speed in fan coil units, fan-powered VAV terminal units, fan filter units and other air-moving devices. It also provides speed control of AC induction motors in response to an analog input signal from thermostats and other control devices. The unit is capable of modulating a fan motor to a one-fourth of the rated maximum speed. (VSM-CA3 by Varidigm Corp.)

Water heater uses independent dual ignition systems and a gasketless heat exchanger as multiple gas valves, fans and burners, combining two units into one. A built-in sequencer automatically adjusts air and gas mixture as demand increases or decreases. (Copper-Fin II by Lochnivar Corp.)

R.S. Means Technology Cost Breakdown: Generators

Rating (kW) Daily Crew Output Labor Hours Unit Matl. Labor Equp. Total
Gas- or gasoline-operated, including battery, charger, muffler and transfer switch 3 phase, 4 wire, 277/480 volt7.50.8324.096Ea.6,0008901977,087
Diesel engine, including battery, charger, muffler, automatic transfer switch and day tank300.5536.364Ea.16,0001,35029717,647
Source: R.S. Means

Quick Hit: Variable-Frequency Drive Applications

Selecting and specifying variable-frequency drives for various applications in industry usually involves evaluation of several factors pertinent to the electrical system and the driven equipment. The following chart presents broad guidelines. It must be remembered that the cost of the variable-frequency drives can be justified only if there are significant periods of reduced speed operation or operation in response to external parameters such as temperature or pressure.

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