Motor Decisions Do Matter

With significant opportunities for energy and cost savings, not to mention environmental benefits, the Boston-based Consortium for Energy Efficiency’s Motor Decisions Matter campaign has continued to promote the benefits of premium-efficiency motors.


Fighting the general trend of building and plant owners looking for quick fixes and only considering short-term economics when motors fail, the campaign has been promoting the fact that a motor’s purchase price is typically just 2% of its total operating expenses over a lifetime, with 98% of the cost spent on electricity.

According to Consortium spokesperson Ted Jones, building owners often don’t realize that when they purchase a motor for $2,000, they will be spending $80,000 over the next 20 years to operate it.

Being that motors consume 23% of the nation’s electricity, the Consortium also stresses that energy-efficient motors can potentially save millions of dollars and an estimated 6 billion pounds of carbon dioxide, 77 million pounds of sulfur dioxide and 22 million pounds of nitrogen dioxide every year.

The campaign is a joint venture between a few dozen government agencies, environmental groups, academic institutions, utilities and motor manufacturers. To access a motor planning kit or to view case studies, visit: .

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