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Young Guns training program targets experiential learning for power engineering fields

Participating in training programs, such as Eaton’s “Young Guns,” creates professional development... » more

Critical power: hospitals and data centers

Electrical engineers must consider many factors when designing backup, standby, and emergency power... » more

Sponsored Content: How Products are Making Improvements in Safety with Design-First Thinking

Learn how Prevention through Design is leading to revolutionary new electrical safety products that... » more

Certifying data centers

A new standard,UL 3223, creates a baseline for all of a data center’s elements.  » more

How to design electrical rooms

Electrical engineers should coordinate with mechanical engineers, architects, structural engineers,... » more

Case study: Planning electrical rooms with the future in mind

New construction and renovations at Froedtert Hospital required careful consideration of the... » more

Webcast: Generator Set Sizing and Specification

This presentation is designed to educate consulting specifying engineers regarding the various...

Your questions answered: Critical power: Motors, variable frequency drives, and variable speed drives

The Feb. 22, 2018, “Critical power: Motors, variable frequency drives (VFDs), and variable speed... » more

Webcast: Critical power: Motors, variable frequency drives (VFDs), and variable speed drives

Engineers must understand how the components in the systems they design use power and how they can...

Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer Articles, Feb. 12-18

Overlooked ASHRAE requirements, designing backup power systems, changes to NEC, simplifying... » more

Designing efficient office buildings with visual appeal: Electrical/lighting/power

Office buildings can be highly complex, with complicated features and advanced technology regarding... » more

Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer Articles, Jan. 29-Feb. 4

Energy generation, simplifying lighting code compliance, backup and emergency power, NFPA 110 and... » more

Case study: Centralizing campus emergency power

Duke University studied emergency power aesthetics, noise, emissions, and maintenance costs. The... » more

2013 Electrical & Power Study

This 2013 study was conducted by Consulting-Specifying Engineer in April and May to evaluate customer awareness, usage of, and preference for suppliers of various types of electrical and power products and systems.

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