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Air Quality October 21, 2022

Creating a themed aquatic experience

Recent studies have even begun to suggest that the quality of our indoor spaces plays a vital role in our mental health.

By Jeffrey Keppler
Air Quality October 10, 2022

Driving future change: California Air Resources Board’s Southern California Headquarters raises the bar for all-electric building design

The all-electric facility advances revolutionary efforts to improve air quality through reduced vehicle emissions.

By Affiliated Engineers
Air Quality September 9, 2022

Your questions answered about HVAC: Labs and research facilities

After the Aug. 11, 2022, webcast, the presenters answered several questions left open during the presentation

By Jeremy Barrette and Brandon Fortier
Air Quality September 6, 2022

Simulating HVAC defense against COVID-19 infection

In fall 2020, The University of Alabama at Birmingham Healthcare (UAB) was faced with an increasing influx of COVID-19 patients and the question of how to best maintain medical staff safety as a top priority was at the forefront of UAB’s concerns.

By Craig Phillips
Air Quality May 6, 2022

Strategies for improving IAQ in sports training and fitness facilities

Sports training and fitness facilities have unique IAQ challenges. Code minimum ventilation rates and system designs may not meet the IAQ expectations of every client. IAQ improvement strategies should balance client goals, energy use and budget

By Joe Jursich
Air Quality April 18, 2022

Air movement and air handling systems

When designers understand basic concepts applied within air movement or air handling systems and make correct fan selections, these systems can operate at or near peak efficiency

By Randy Schrecengost
Air Quality April 11, 2022

Diagnosing health care air handling systems

Designing air handling systems, especially for health care facilities, can be quite challenging given myriad constraints and choices for both the air handling units and their companion distribution networks

By Larry Wilson
Air Quality February 14, 2022

Designing HVAC systems to combat pandemics

HVAC systems are designed more effectively to meet COVID-19 needs

By Fred L. Marr and James P. Gleba
Air Quality February 3, 2022

Air quality data opportunities

Clear skies in these uncertain times

By Dodge Construction Network
Air Quality January 20, 2022

Investing in indoor air quality

There is a growing demand for engineers to evaluate and design ventilation and filtration systems as part of the reopening phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Dodge Construction Network
Air Quality November 1, 2021

IAQ versus IEQ: What’s the difference?

Indoor air quality and indoor environmental quality are two terms that are easily confused because their acronyms are similar and concepts overlap

By KB Malhi
Air Quality October 21, 2021

Case study: Hospital HVAC retrofit

Air handling units were retrofitted with ultraviolet germicidal irradiation to mitigate the coronavirus in a hospital

By Roger Koppenheffer and Caleb Marvin
Air Quality October 15, 2021

Stacking up electronic air cleaning technologies

Indoor spaces present a new threat as we consider COVID-19 recovery and the return to school, work, and play.

By Gannett Fleming
Air Quality October 4, 2021

Webinar recap: Is your building ready for back-to-school?

As schools across the country have kicked off the 2020-2021 school year, there has been a wide variety of strategies and arrangements implemented from fully remote learning to hybrid schedules to fully in-person classrooms.

By Henderson Engineers
Air Quality October 1, 2021

Guidance on evaluating and preparing a facility’s HVAC systems for the return to the office

Bipolar ionization is a cost-effective option to improve indoor air quality

By Robert Weidner and Carlos Gendron
Air Quality September 23, 2021

Personal environments to mitigate the spread of COVID-19

How personal environment style air purifiers can mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in the built environment, and create healthier spaces in the future.

By Glumac
Air Quality September 20, 2021

Video: RESET Standard aids engineers in IAQ

Ruairi Barnwell from DLR Groups provides an overview of the RESET Standard, and how engineers can use it to improve indoor air quality

By Amara Rozgus
Air Quality September 15, 2021

How to prepare a facility to be IAQ centric

Indoor air quality is key in buildings, and there are several ways to measure and improve upon it

By Raj Setty
Air Quality September 8, 2021

Wildfire smoke mitigation strategies in buildings

Planning, architectural, HVAC, control and in-room or portable appliance strategies for limiting wildfire smoke from entering into buildings

By Jared Carlson
Air Quality September 7, 2021

Guide to indoor air quality for multi-family units

Understand why indoor air quality has become a crucial element of living environment building operations.

By Tim Milam, PE
Air Quality August 9, 2021

Your questions answered: HVAC systems that achieve indoor air quality

Matt Short responded to extra questions from this July 27 webcast

By Matt Short
Air Quality May 12, 2021

Indoor air quality and airborne transmission of COVID-19

Adjustments to a building's mechanical system could slow the spread.

By Salas O'Brien
Air Quality March 18, 2021

Case study: County buildings upgrade HVAC

Indoor air quality was a large factor in Boulder County’s HVAC systems upgrades

By Peter D’Antonio
Air Quality March 17, 2021

Combatting IAQ and health concerns

There are many ways to improve indoor air quality in buildings and to address COVID-19 fears

By Peter D’Antonio
Air Quality January 28, 2021

Effective COVID-19 mitigation for HVAC systems

There are many technologies available for HVAC systems to combat the spread of COVID-19, but not all systems apply to all building types

By Erick Phelps and Rick Wood
Air Quality January 27, 2021

Colorado schools receive air filters to improve air quality, reduce COVID-19

University of Colorado Boulder researchers have been working on installing a new generation of high-efficiency air filters in Denver public schools to improve air quality and reduce COVID-19.

By Emily Adams

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