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Plumbing, Pumping May 28, 2013

Designing labs, research buildings: Codes and standards

Labs and research facilities house sensitive equipment and must maintain very rigid standards. Codes and standards must be adhered to, with special attention to codes unique to these buildings.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Plumbing, Pumping May 13, 2013

Key nonstructural changes to 2012 IBC

Learn about the significant nonstructural changes to the 2012 International Building Code that typically impact consulting and specifying engineers.

By William E. Koffel, PE, FSFPE, Koffel Associates Inc., Columbia, Md.
Plumbing, Pumping May 10, 2013

Selecting a fire protection system

Fire protection engineers must know what factors come into play when deciding on and recommending a fire protection system.

By Milosh Puchovsky, PE, FSFPE, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, Mass
Plumbing, Pumping April 26, 2013

Pumping plant fire protection system upgrade

Fire alarm and suppression system upgrade greatly simplifies fire alarm monitoring and control while enhancing life safety.

By Pete Smith, NOTIFIER
Plumbing, Pumping April 24, 2013

Sports, entertainment venues: Fire and life safety

Sports arenas and entertainment facilities involve complex engineering solutions. Fire and life safety topics are discussed by five consulting engineers.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Plumbing, Pumping April 22, 2013

BIM and fire protection engineering

By including all life safety systems in the BIM rendering, engineers improve the building’s model as a whole.

By Gregory K. Shino, PE, JBA Consulting Engineers, Las Vegas
Plumbing, Pumping March 27, 2013

Educational experience: Codes, standards in K-12 schools

Engineering work on K-12 schools is complex—and not just because of dwindling school budgets. The facilities must meet a broad range of exacting standards coming from officials and state regulatory bodies, in addition to meeting energy efficiency standards. An overview of codes and standards follows.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Plumbing, Pumping March 25, 2013

Use NFPA 3 to coordinate fire and life safety projects

NFPA 3 takes a contemporary approach to construction and focuses on commissioning the fire and life safety systems throughout a project, rather than at the end.

By Corey L. Wallace, SET, PE, Southland Industries, Las Vegas
Plumbing, Pumping March 22, 2013

Boilers: Types, applications, and efficiencies

Engineers should understand which boiler is appropriate for the application, and then know how to maximize its use.

By Michael E. Myers, PE, LEED AP, WD Partners, Dublin, Ohio
Plumbing, Pumping February 1, 2013

Specifying pipe and piping materials

Piping is used within many building systems, including HVAC, plumbing, specialty chemicals and fluids, and fire protection. Knowing what type of piping to use in a specific application can help preserve the life of a system or avoid a catastrophic failure.

By Matt Dolan, PE, LEED AP BD+C, JBA Consulting Engineers, Las Vegas