Plumbing, Pumping

Plumbing, Pumping August 2, 2022

How to use the International Plumbing Code

Learn about design criteria for the design of plumbing systems

By Paulina Diaz
Plumbing, Pumping June 27, 2022

How to mitigate reverse flow

Reverse flow in piping systems manifest into the form of sporadic pipeline vibrations, media contamination or physical damage

By Gilbert Welsford Jr.
Plumbing, Pumping June 2, 2022

Using fire pump speed as a design consideration

Pump speed has always been a critical factor in assessing fire protection system performance and can now be used as much more of a design consideration

By Milosh Puchovsky
Courtesy: Dewberry
Plumbing, Pumping March 28, 2022

Sustainable water piloting potable reuse

Some are implementing resilient approaches to expand sources of potable water supply and meet growing demand through the implementation of recycled water as a source of water.

By Dewberry
Plumbing, Pumping February 25, 2022

Princeton University’s geo-exchange/heating hot water system

Designing a Highly Customized Hybrid Geo-Exchange/Heating Hot Water System to Support Princeton’s Goal for Net-Zero Carbon Emissions by 2046

By Salas O'Brien
Courtesy: Dewberry
Plumbing, Pumping January 27, 2022

Defining system integrity applying resilience to MEP systems

The resilience of mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems is key to providing these solutions to overcome extreme circumstances, such as a natural disaster or a health pandemic.

By Carol Johnson
Plumbing, Pumping December 22, 2021

How to select, size fire pumps

Proper fire pump sizing and selection can result in efficient and effective fire suppression systems in a cost-effective manner

By Jarron Gass
Courtesy: Glumac
Plumbing, Pumping November 9, 2021

Data-Driven Design Series: Analyzing water use and reuse

Glumac’s Lone Star Region Plumbing Manager discusses strategies for reaching net zero water and how to improve the water efficiency of projects

By Glumac
Courtesy: CRB
Plumbing, Pumping October 14, 2021

Changes in HVAC systems of the manufacturing, industrial building market

Several changes to the design of HVAC and plumbing systems of manufacturing and industrial buildings are covered here by the experts

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
The Air Force’s new basic training facility required large diameter pipe and fittings to move 155ºF (68ºC) water effectively throughout the campus at 90 psi. Using PP-RCT pipe also enabled sections of the system to be fabricated and lifted into the trench. Courtesy: Asahi/America
Plumbing, Pumping October 12, 2021

Air Force base water supply piping system challenge met

Designing an efficient, long-lasting piping system

By Steve Cooper