Heating and Ventilation

Courtesy: Henderson Engineers
Heating and Ventilation May 6, 2022

Strategies for improving IAQ in sports training and fitness facilities

Sports training and fitness facilities have unique IAQ challenges. Code minimum ventilation rates and system designs may not meet the IAQ expectations of every client. IAQ improvement strategies should balance client goals, energy use and budget

By Joe Jursich
Courtesy: Katie Spain, CFE Media
Heating and Ventilation April 19, 2022

Back to basics: fan affinity laws

Fan affinity laws can be used by a design engineer to compare similar fans

By Randy Schrecengost
Heating and Ventilation April 18, 2022

Air movement and air handling systems

When designers understand basic concepts applied within air movement or air handling systems and make correct fan selections, these systems can operate at or near peak efficiency

By Randy Schrecengost
Heating and Ventilation November 18, 2021

Your questions answered: How to design for office sound masking

Learn more about how to understand office acoustics and improve speech privacy in this Q&A

By Nathan Van Ness and Jeremy Krug, Biamp Systems
Courtesy: ESD
Heating and Ventilation October 6, 2021

Comparing building certifications

A recap of a BOMA Suburban Chicago webinar examines various building certifications that anticipate return to the office concerns.

By Tim Zelazny and Zachary Litwin
Courtesy: Jordan & Skala Engineers
Heating and Ventilation September 7, 2021

Guide to indoor air quality for multi-family units

Understand why indoor air quality has become a crucial element of living environment building operations.

By Tim Milam, PE
Courtesy: HKS Inc. Architects
Heating and Ventilation October 21, 2020

Navigating hospital ventilation design during COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted ventilation design considerations in health care settings in a prominent way

By April Woods
Heating and Ventilation September 1, 2020

Why better ventilation is key to limiting COVID-19 spread

The Facilities Task Force at CU Boulder is improving the university's HVAC system to prevent COVID-19 spread during the school year.

By Daniel Strain
Heating and Ventilation August 18, 2020

Case study: Hospital uses displacement ventilation

A Canadian hospital addition provided efficient HVAC and reduced airborne infections

By Tariq Amlani and Sergio Sádaba
Heating and Ventilation July 6, 2020

COVID-19 has changed engineering practices; CannonDesign’s Paul R. Kondrat shares insights

From smart buildings to test-and-balance to health care facilities, Paul R. Kondrat from CannonDesign provides feedback on the many ways the coronavirus has changed engineering firms

By Paul R. Kondrat