Heating and Ventilation

Courtesy: Henderson Engineers/Lowe’s
Restaurant, Retail February 26, 2020

The role of building systems in warehouse design

Warehouse design is evolving and changing the way retailers are building warehouses to meet the high delivery expectations consumers have.

By Justin Harvey and Tony Welter
Hospitals February 25, 2020

Case study: Hospital surgical suite HVAC system

The following case study examines unoccupied setback of an air handling unit dedicated to a surgery suite

By Roger Koppenheffer, LEED AP, and Kevin Miller, PE, LEED AP, Certus Consulting Engineers, Carrollton, Texas
HVAC February 24, 2020

HVAC energy-saving strategies

Learn about multiple energy-saving strategies — such as temperature and pressure reset and valve strategies — achievable through the use of a building automation system

By Roger Koppenheffer, LEED AP, and Kevin Miller, PE, LEED AP, Certus Consulting Engineers, Carrollton, Texas
Courtesy: Aaron Lindberg Photography, CRB
Building Types February 21, 2020

Vivarium renovation planning and design

The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), a Tier I Research University, wanted to develop a barrier suite within its existing vivarium facility.

Courtesy: Peter Basso Associates, Inc.
HVAC February 20, 2020

Seven ways to fight stack effect in buildings

Stack effect can have a nasty effect on buildings during the winter months. Consider these seven steps to mitigate their effect and keep the occupants comfortable.

By Aaron Frantz, PE
Research February 19, 2020

HVAC Systems & BAS Study

HVAC systems, BAS survey findings

By Amanda Pelliccione
Courtesy: CxEnergy
HVAC February 11, 2020

Video: Fundamentals of Test, Adjust & Balance for Engineers, Cx & Energy Providers

This session explains many of the key test and balance challenges — from practical system design considerations, to the TAB Process, to obtaining meaningful and useful data — that if properly addressed in cooperation with an independent TAB firm can ensure that any project goes smoothly

By CxEnergy and the AABC Commissioning Group (ACG)
HVAC February 10, 2020

What’s so special about office buildings? Learn about HVAC and plumbing

Office buildings are complex structures containing automated features, energy-saving designs, high-tech equipment and other components as advanced as you’d find in any other state-of-the-art project. Read this for details on HVAC system and plumbing, piping and pumps

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Courtesy: Bell & Gossett
Sponsored Heating and Ventilation February 1, 2020

Sponsored Content: Bell & Gossett’s expanded motor ranges for superior efficient in hydronics HVAC systems

Bell & Gossett’s high efficiency ECM electric motors are designed to enhance performance of hydronics HVAC systems and reduce energy use.

By Bell & Gossett
Research January 10, 2020

2020 HVAC & Building Automation Systems Study

Five of the latest findings from the HVAC & Building Automation Systems report

By Amanda Pelliccione