Boilers, Chillers
Boilers, Chillers May 29, 2019

Case study: Convention center addition

Thermal comfort was a key component of the Washington State Convention Center addition.

By Peter Alspach, PE, LEED AP
Boilers, Chillers May 29, 2019

Case Study: New performance building

The nonprescriptive design turned out to be the better option for Seattle Opera at the Center.

By Peter Alspach, PE, LEED AP
Boilers, Chillers May 28, 2019

Planning multifamily dwellings: HVAC and plumbing

Multifamily dwellings are fascinating projects with unique HVAC needs. In essence, they could be considered giant people storage facilities for different stages of life. College dormitories, for example, contain young adults in their late teens and early twenties. Assisted living facilities hold people in their later years. However, engineers know these structures are more than just simply boxes to keep human beings in. They’re as complex and varied as the people inside.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Boilers, Chillers May 21, 2019

Wind and rain resistant patio heater

The Wind Blocker is ideal for restaurant patios, outdoor entertainment and dining areas as well as residential patios and porches. The new product offers two heat settings. This new heater can operate on a powerful 34,000 Btu/Hr. on colder days or a softer 24,00 Btu/Hr. on milder days.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Boilers, Chillers May 20, 2019

Combining HVAC, fire suppression piping

Modern, energy-efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems can stress a project budget with their additional energy-efficiency requirements. Combining HVAC water distribution with a fire suppression piping system can result in first-cost savings, which can improve system life cycle costs.

By Brian M. Runde, PE, LEED AP, Peter Basso Associates Inc., Troy, Michigan
Boilers, Chillers May 13, 2019

HVAC webcast: Hospitals and health care facilities

Providing cooling/heating comfort and energy efficiency in hospitals and health care buildings is an ongoing challenge for mechanical engineers. Emphasis on building performance, indoor air quality (IAQ), and adoption of energy-efficient building codes is increasing. Designs are based on a host of variables beyond space type and understood loads including operating costs, first cost, life cycle cost, and measurement and verification (M&V) requirements.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Boilers, Chillers May 10, 2019

Things you want to know about sterile processing

Sterile processing is one of the unsung heroes of a hospital.

By Jon Flann
Boilers, Chillers May 3, 2019

Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer Articles, April 26 to May 2

Integrating modeling into building design, resilience in HVAC design, Product of the Year finalists, designing resilient buildings, and cybersecurity in automation were Consulting-Specifying Engineer's five most clicked articles from last week, April 26 to May 2. Were you out last week? You can catch up here.

By McKenzie Burns
Boilers, Chillers May 2, 2019

Five ways to design and deliver an efficient mechanical system

The most efficient mechanical system for an owner is not the one with the greatest potential to reduce energy and operational costs, but the one that is able to be easily maintained and reliably operated at its most efficient points for the life of the equipment, system and building without exceeding the capabilities of the end user.

By Craig Buck, PE, LEED AP, HFDP, RMF Engineering, Charleston, South Carolina
Boilers, Chillers April 29, 2019

Top design trends in data centers: HVAC, plumbing

An increasingly data-driven society demands advanced, high-performance data center facilities. Read on to learn the biggest HVAC and plumbing challenges, emerging technologies and upcoming trends affecting data centers.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer