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2017 HVAC, building automation systems study

Here are five HVAC and BAS findings as they relate to educational facility projects. » more

How to properly integrate fire alarm systems and HVAC systems

Organizing the coordination with the engineering team is key to a successful system integration... » more

How to design medical buildings: HVAC and automation systems

Hospitals and health care buildings have become very sophisticated. Coordination among all parties,... » more

Controls Verification + Test & Balance = A Smoother Commissioning Process

A review of how complete verification of control configurations and sequences by the test and...

Video: Maintaining Temperature & Humidity in Critical Zones

A review of the points of difference between the standard designs of humidity and temperature...

Dynamic airflow balancing solution

The 75F Dynamic Airflow Balancing solution is predictive and proactive and is designed to send...

Bypass controller for HVAC applications

Mitsubishi Electric's PowerGate H Series HVAC controllers feature both manual and automatic bypass...

The complexities of industrial, manufacturing, and warehouse facilities: HVAC and sustainable buildings/energy efficiency

Warehouses and factories are more than simply bare-bones buildings for companies to keep equipment.... » more

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Direct drive mixed flow inline fan

Greenheck’s model EQD direct drive mixed flow inline fan features an energy-saving Vari-Green motor mounted inside an octagonal housing and its variable speed control matches fan performance with facility demand and requires...

Wetted media system

Wetted Media Systems provide evaporative cooling and humidification for a wide variety of applications.

Ceiling radiation dampers

Greenheck’s new line of ceiling radiation dampers are UL classified for installation in wood truss floor/ceiling assemblies.

HVAC controllers

The LX controller is capable of running entire channels full of VAV or third-party controls at high speed in standalone mode.

Dynamic airflow balancing solution

The 75F Dynamic Airflow Balancing solution is predictive and proactive and is designed to send precise instructions to the system and proactively rebalances airflow to keep ahead of temperature drifts.


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2012 HVAC Research Study

2017 HVAC and building automation systems study

Respondents to the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2017 HVAC and... » more

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Cannon Design Blog

Malcolm X College is a strategic response to the rapid evolution of healthcare in American and specifically Chicago. Courtesy: CannonDesign

CityLab profiles Malcolm X College teaching hospital

Malcolm X College has invested in new... » more

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