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Designing efficient K-12 schools

In a digital age, children across the U.S. are more technologically advanced than ever—and they... » more

Designing efficient K-12 schools: Automation and controls

In a digital age, children across the U.S. are more technologically advanced than ever—and they... » more

Adapt or be left behind: Technology and the future of engineering

Building design has been slow to adapt to changing technologies in the past, but they must now... » more

Best practices for HVAC and lighting controls integration

Follow these best practices to successfully integrate lighting and HVAC systems while also ensuring... » more

Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer Articles, March 5-11

Lean principles of design-build, answered questions about critical power, overlooked ASHRAE 90.1... » more

Five considerations when coordinating BIM projects

Construction projects can benefit significantly by leveraging BIM, but there are a few areas to... » more

Designing efficient office buildings with visual appeal: Automation and controls

Office buildings can be highly complex, with complicated features for automation and controls and... » more

Video: Effective Building Automation Controls Integration

An examination of the design and construction phase design review.

The science behind laboratory and research facility projects: automation and controls and codes and standards

Engineers need to consider many factors for a lab or research facility so it can perform as needed.... » more

How to establish long-term client engagement

Analytics tools and data analysis allows for successful, long-term client engagement. » more

Developing successful lighting solutions

Successful lighting projects take many shapes, but there are core traits that make them shine... » more

2017 HVAC, building automation systems study

Here are five HVAC and BAS findings as they relate to educational facility projects. » more

How to properly integrate fire alarm systems and HVAC systems

Organizing the coordination with the engineering team is key to a successful system integration... » more

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