Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2017 Product of the Year Finalists

Lighting Controls

Read about the 7 finalists in the Lighting Controls category for the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2017 Product of the Year program.

Acuity Brands nLight EclypseB-BC controller

The nLight Eclypse extends the power of nLight to deliver the next level of lighting control. This BTL-listed B-BC controller leverages native BACnet/IP and WiFi to seamlessly integrate lighting control systems with building management systems, without the need for a gateway. This scalable solution enables BACnet MS/TP-to-IP routing and Modbus RTU integration to cost-effectively connect meters and other devices for a complete lighting control solution. nLight Eclypse also makes it easier to keep up with changing technology and energy codes. IP connectivity provides the speed and bandwidth needed for multiple technology integrations while the TLS/SSL and RADIUS authentication support provide reliable data protection.

Acuity Brands,

Eaton Distributed Low Voltage Power SystemLow-voltage lighting control system

The Distributed Low Voltage Power (DLVP) system blends the benefits of both ac and dc power distribution and is designed to reduce the total installed cost of LED lighting and controls projects. Features include pre-terminated Class 2 cabling, a configured plug-and-play system independent of system wiring, and simplified energy code compliance. It leverages ac transmission and dc for connectivity and has centralized maintenance from distributed power modules. The DLVP system is designed to be a safe and easily reconfigured system without the need to rewire.



Hubbell Control Solutions NX Fixture ModuleFixture module

The NX Fixture Module (NXFM) is designed to replace everything from stand-alone controls to wired and wireless networks in indoor and outdoor applications. It provides on/off switching, full-range (0 to 10 V) dimming control, and a built-in astronomical time clock. The NXFM can function as a simple occupancy sensor, but it also includes a passive infrared occupancy and daylight sensor. It also features IntelliDAPT self-adaptive technology, which gives the NXFM the ability to learn its environment and adjust automatically. The sensor head includes a Bluetooth radio, enabling "from-the-ground" commissioning and control with a smartphone or tablet.

Hubbell Control Solutions,

Hubbell Control Solutions wiSTARDimming relay

wiSTAR is a wireless, self-powered lighting control system designed for stand-alone indoor applications, such as offices, conference rooms, break rooms, classrooms, and other applications. wiSTAR devices harvest energy from their surroundings. This relay is self-powered and requires no wires to operate. It can be freely positioned, making for versatile layouts as compared with a wired solution. It also enables wireless dimming of LED luminaires using 0- to 10-V control. wiSTAR also implements load shedding initiated by demand-response controllers; two molded buttons and one LED indicator light can be used for device configuration and manual control, depending on user preference.

Hubbell Control Solutions,

Osram Connected Lighting ModuleFixture connection module

The Connected Lighting Module (CLM) is a key component to a light management system (LMS). It enables luminaires to be connected to the LMS which is based on ZigBee communication protocols. Individually addressable, the CLM enables each luminaire to be independently controlled and configured to best meet the needs of the facility. The 0- to 10-V dimming interface allows control of single or multiple luminaires in a single space. The CLM empowers users to convert their existing luminaires to be wireless ready. It is intended for installation into a standard ½-in. knockout present on virtually every luminaire.





Wattstopper, Legrand DW-311Dimming wall-switch occupancy sensor

The DW-311 is a passive infrared and ultrasonic dual-technology 0- to 10-V dimming wall-switch occupancy sensor designed to work in a variety of small- and medium-sized applications—including rooms with partitions, such as restrooms, large offices, conference rooms with cubical walls, and classrooms. The sensor is designed to reduce the number of devices required in a space with full-function multiway control from one to four control locations. It has dual in-line package switches, which allow users to adjust settings to meet their needs, such as power-loss-mode settings, optional smart light-level settings, and an optional presentation mode.

Wattstopper, Legrand,




Wattstopper, Legrand InFusion Controller IILighting, automation system controller

The InFusion Controller II extends BACnet support for the Wattstopper architectural dimming platform. This allows building automation and management systems to control all lighting control and automation-panel dimmer loads, buttons (tasks), and occupancy sensors. The InFusion Controller II is applicable for larger applications where networking and expansion are possibilities. It can be integrated using built-in Ethernet, RS232, and RS485 connections. The controller meets demands for delay-free and precise control of integrated lighting control systems. The controller has redundancy built in through its system SD card so that even if a device fails, the system can be restored with a new processor and the original SD Card.

Wattstopper, Legrand,

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