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Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2017 Product of the Year Finalists

Plumbing & Water Management

Read about the 4 finalists in the Plumbing & Water Management category for the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2017 Product of the Year program.

A. O. Smith Tankless Rack SystemTankless rack system

The commercial Tankless Rack System can deliver up to 1,592,000 Btus and link as many as 20 high-efficiency 199,000-Btu condensing tankless heaters, providing wall-mount, free-standing, and back-to-back installation options. This system simplifies commercial installations by providing prefabricated gas and water lines that link units together. Once bolted in place, the commercial rack ensures a continuous, reliable supply of hot water. Even during heater maintenance, each unit can be easily isolated while other heaters continue with normal operation. The rack is built on a durable, lightweight anodized aluminum frame and connects to schedule 40 PVC pipe for intake and exhaust.

A. O. Smith,

American Standard NextGen Selectronic FaucetIntegrated commercial faucet

The NextGen Selectronic integrated commercial faucet features exclusive SmarTherm technology that incorporates an ASSE 1070-certified thermostatic hot-water temperature limiter directly into the faucet, keeping all controls above deck for easy installation and maintenance. This exclusive SmarTherm safety shut-off eliminates the need for a separate thermostatic mixing valve to ensure ASSE 1070 protection. The integrated design incorporates the electronics—including the sensor, battery, and solenoid valve—in the spout, eliminating the need for a control box below the deck. This shortens the installation time because only the water connections are made under the sink.

American Standard,

Noritz Commercial Water Heater SystemWater heater system

The pre-engineered and prefabricated Commercial Water Heater System combines commercial-grade tankless units with system controllers, manifolds, and other necessary components and accessories into fully assembled metal rack systems, greatly reducing installation time and expense. With this system, the installer need only connect the water and gas lines, build the vent runs, and setup the prewired system controller. Corrosion-resistant aluminum construction, heavy-duty Type K copper, and stainless steel heat exchangers are specially engineered to withstand the rigors of commercial applications. Accurate, customized pre-sizing of gas and water supply lines save installation time, while functional sizing allows the system to fit easily through standard-sized commercial doorways.


Metraflex LPD Y-StrainerEnergy-saving Y-strainer

The LPD Y-Strainer has the same face-to-face size as a standard Y-strainer design and can be retrofitted into existing piping systems. It is designed to save energy and features a screen that is 30% larger and has significantly more holes, so it takes longer for debris to collect and impede flow. The internal geometry has eliminated obstructions; the body casting does not block the screen opening and there is a smooth, open flow from intake to discharge. The LPD Y-strainer has opened up the interior of the strainer so flow is straighter and smoother through the strainer.

The Metraflex Co.,