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Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2017 Product of the Year Finalists

Lighting & Luminaires

Read about the 11 finalists in the Lighting & Luminaires category for the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2017 Product of the Year program.

Columbia Lighting, Hubbell Lighting CWWLED wallwash luminaire

The CWW is a contemporary LED wallwash luminaire with a high efficacy of up to 116 lumens/W. The performance of the CWW meets uniformity of 5:1 on vertical surfaces from ceiling to floor. With a slender profile and narrow 3-in. aperture design, the CWW is lightweight and installs with ease. The narrow aperture creates a clean, finished appearance and the proprietary optical design provides excellent vertical uniformity while maintaining visual comfort. It features multiple optical distributions for varying wallwash applications, 60,000-hour LEDs at L80 for reduced maintenance, four LED color choices, and standard 80 CRI and optional 90 CRI for color-sensitive applications.

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Columbia Lighting, Hubbell Lighting LZPTPlenum troffer luminaire

The LZPT is an LED version of the Zero Plenum Troffer (ZPT) that is designed for restricted plenum spaces without impacting the required distribution of light. For installation, the patented telescoping housing requires only 3 in. above the ceiling at one end of the fixture. Once installed, a housing height of 1.5 in. keeps the fixture from intruding into the useable plenum. The LZPT features an efficacy of 119 lumens/Watt, superior color consistency to a three-step MacAdam ellipse, and 82 CRI. The soft, uniform light distribution provides superior vertical illumination free from harsh contrast.

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Dual-Lite, Hubbell Lighting EV4RCeiling-mounted emergency LED

The EV4R is a recessed ceiling-mount LED emergency light that is not concealed, has no moving parts, and is intended to be fixed to the ceiling. The embedded EV4R design reveals less than 3/16 in. below the ceiling plane and has up to 42 ft of spacing on mounting heights from 9 to 12 ft. The EV4R features spacing based on photometric reports to meet life safety codes for all recessed LED emergency lights. The EV4R is available in a rectangular or round trim-plate included with each fixture, in white or black finish to help complement the compact, low-profile design.

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Eaton Crouse-Hinds LED Weatherproof LuminaireLED weatherproof luminaire

The Crouse-Hinds series LED weatherproof luminaire combines the energy efficiency of LED technology with a sharp, sleek design for aesthetically pleasing plant outdoor applications. Available in gray, white, and bronze, these LED luminaires provide a variety of color options to help match any outdoor landscape. The LED weatherproof luminaire has approximately the same lumen output as a traditional 60-W incandescent lamp, uses approximately one-sixth of the energy to operate, and has a rated life expectancy of up to 40,000 to 50,000 hours. Designed for the most demanding outdoor applications, the luminaire is engineered with a durable die-cast housing for long life.


Eaton Halo ML56Dimming LED

The Halo ML56 LED with Dim-to-Warm (D2W) technology mimics the performance of an incandescent halogen lamp source when dimmed, smoothly dimming from a whiter LED color temperature to a warm, soft glow to create an inviting environment. Dimming LED products reduce light output without changing the color when dimming standard incandescent sources, and D2W technology provides crisp light at full power of 3,000 K and dimming smoothly to 1,850 K. The Halo ML56 LED offers multiple lumen packages and color temperatures that are interchangeable with dedicated 5- and 6-in. downlight and directional trim.



Eaton Invue Arbor LEDArchitectural luminaire

The Invue Arbor LED (ARB) is a post top, bollard, or wall-mounted architectural luminaire featuring patented WaveStream LED technology, delivering precise optical control and an attractive pixilation-free performance. WaveStream technology offers an architecturally organic luminaire design for area and pedestrian applications while delivering precise optical control and an attractive pixilation-free performance. The WaveStream LED optical platform with laser-precise AccuAim technology provides quality site and area distributions normally not available in a reduced-glare solution. The AccuAim optics, arranged in exacting patterns, provide maximum uniformity while delivering the maximum amount of light on task with efficacies in excess of 90 lumens/W achieved.


Eaton Metalux WSL Linear WaveStream LEDLinear LED

The Metalux WSL Linear WaveStream LED provides premium visual aesthetics designed to properly illuminate a wide variety of workplace environments. The highly efficient LED system and advanced optical design deliver an unparalleled combination of optimal light uniformity for enhanced visual comfort. The advanced AccuAim optics allow for maximum energy savings while achieving desired light levels. From retail to industrial applications, as either stand-alone or in a continuous row, the WSL linear provides customers with unique installation features. Features include 4- and 8-ft configurations, aluminum and steel housing, UNV, 0- to 10-V dimmable driver, and integral sensor options available for improved energy savings.


Eaton Crouse-Hinds Pauluhn Simmit Linear LED LuminaireCorrosive-environment linear LED

The Crouse-Hinds series Pauluhn Summit Linear LED luminaire is designed to withstand high-pressure wash-down environments and can be customized for application-specific performance requirements. The LED luminaire is suited for food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical processing, agricultural processing, and other corrosive environments. Pauluhn Summit Linear LED luminaires are IP66-rated and designed to withstand a 1,500-psi high-pressure hose-down from a 5-ft distance. The Pauluhn Summit Linear LED Luminaire can be customized for application-specific performance requirements. Features include a through-feed design for multiple-fixture wiring and versatile mounting options.


Hubbell Outdoor Lighting, Hubbell Lighting LNC4 LitepakHigh-output wallpack

At 7,500 to 14,500 lumens, the LNC4 Litepak is the largest and highest-output wallpack in Hubbell Outdoor Lighting’s high-volume Litepak series. It features four different lumen packages, multiple distributions, and CCT for maximum light levels and mounting-height flexibility. It is designed for new construction and retrofit and is capable of replacing up to 400 W high-intensity discharge (HID) luminaires. The LNC4’s features include battery backup for egress applications as well as a programmable occupancy sensor for even greater energy savings when no motion is detected. A unique frosted acrylic diffuser is available to soften output, improve uniformity, and protect the LED lens.

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MaxLite HL Series LED Linear High BayLinear high bay

The HL Series LED Linear High Bay is a high-output luminaire for commercial and industrial lighting applications. Measuring 14 x 24 in., the HL Series offers leading-edge efficacy (132 lumens/W) and scalability for warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities. Offered in 100, 150, and 200 W versions, with outputs from 12,000 lumens, the LED high bay replaces traditional fluorescent and HID fixtures of up to 600 W. The HL Series High Bay can be configured with narrow or wide lens distributions, as well as emergency controls, for optimal lumen output and energy savings.


Orion Energy Systems ISON High Bay Generation 3Energy-efficient high bay

The ISON High Bay Generation 3 (HBIF3) delivers 214 lumens/W, providing up to 77% energy savings over most HID fixtures. The HBIF3 delivers 90% more lumens per watt than the average LED high bay while consuming 47% less energy. The packaging is labeled according to facility layout so that fixtures are delivered directly to where they will be installed. These features reduce waste, reduce labor costs, and make the HBIF3 installation process easier. The HBIF3 fixture works with most control systems, allowing for wireless fixture control, building management system integration, and tracking of people, products, and assets through facilities.

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