Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2017 Product of the Year Finalists


Read about the 14 finalists in the HVAC category for the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2017 Product of the Year program.

Daikin ECM Fan ArrayECM fan array

The software-selectable, factory-installed electronically commutated motor (ECM) fan array integrated with semi-custom air handlers accommodates up to 20 ECM fans in 40 arrangements to meet application requirements. The solution delivers space-saving cabinet design, greater efficiencies, quieter operation, and reduced maintenance; mission critical applications benefit from n+1 redundancy. Each fan’s ECM mounts directly to its impeller for compact design, eliminating nearly 3 ft of cabinet space, which makes the unit 46% narrower than direct-drive cabinets with VFDs. Air-handlers with the ECM fan array can gain 40% efficiency (3- to 5-hp range) over direct-drive or belt-driven fans, yielding significant yearly energy savings.

Daikin, www.daikinapplied.com

Delta Anti-Microbial Cooling TowerAnti-microbial cooling tower

The Anti-Microbial Cooling Tower boasts additional protection against Legionella risk. The anti-microbial compounded resin is a blue color to make these cooling towers distinctive in the field as a tower with this protection. Extra protection is provided by the sloped basin designs in larger towers that prevent stagnant water areas. The anti-microbial concentrate is compounded into the cooling tower base resin permanently before molding the casing as well as the PVC fill material, which also has anti-microbial compounded into raw material before forming. It is applicable for all cooling tower applications: HVAC comfort cooling, industrial process, and power generation.

Delta Cooling Towers, https://deltacooling.com




DriSteem Ultra-sorb MPSteam-dispersion panel

Designed and built for HVAC systems where moderate-capacity humidification requirements are common, the Ultra-sorb MP is a framed steam-dispersion panel for pressurized and atmospheric steam applications in air handling units or ducts. The Ultra-sorb MP features dispersion tubes specially engineered to provide maximum air contact at design capacity. These tubes are designed for rapid, drip-free absorption so steam does not condense on downstream devices. The high-efficiency insulated dispersion tubes are available as an option, providing up to an 85% reduction in wasted energy by significantly reducing airstream heat gain and condensate production.

DriSteem, www.dristeem.com

DuctSox DataSoxAir-displacement system

DataSox distributes a large volume of air down into data center cold aisles, but with low 400-fpm velocities that don’t upset critical equipment intake and exhaust or room return-air-containment balances. It also offers the flexibility of directional spot-cooling capabilities with adjustable nozzles for high-wattage servers. DataSox features factory-engineered, energy-efficient ¼- to ½-in. wg of static pressure and results in cold-aisle temperatures 3 to 5°F lower than traditional distribution, but with up to 40% less CRAC flow rates, especially when complemented with VFD equipment. Using DataSox helps data centers achieve lower PUE levels, which makes it an ideal sustainability product for green construction projects.

DuctSox Corp., www.ductsox.com

Greenheck FumeJetExhaust fan, stack assembly

The FumeJet pre-engineered exhaust fan with integral stacks is designed to safely remove and disperse fumes and odors. The FumeJet system replaces utility set fans with field-supplied intake ducts and exhaust stacks to ensure a safe roof-deck area and aid in preventing re-entrainment of contaminated air into air-intake systems. Benefits include single-source responsibility, performance data that includes stack and accessory corrections, energy savings by minimizing system effects, and features that reduce the cost of installation. The fan and stack assembly have been designed and factory-tested to withstand a force of 22 psf without the need for guy wires.

Greenheck, www.greenheck.com




International Environmental Corp. MiniReStoraMODHigh-rise fan coil unit

The MiniReStoraMOD is a small high-rise fan coil solution. While ideal for hospitality, multifamily, and higher education applications, the MiniReStoraMOD is optimal for most high-rise retrofit projects as its size allows for it to fit into the shell of an existing unit. The replacement process is quick, easy, and cost-effective, minimizing the number of outside trades involved and eliminating the need to shut down entire rooms or floors for renovation. The result is reduced downtime, significant cost savings, and decreased revenue loss. The MiniReStoraMOD replaces most existing high-rise fan coils with energy savings and IAQ features, including an optional electronically commutated motor and closed-cell insulation.

International Environmental Corp., www.iec-okc.com




LG Multi V SHeat-recovery system

The LG Multi V S is a single-phase variable refrigerant flow (VRF) 5-ton heat-recovery system. Ideal for light commercial installations including multi-use spaces, small eateries, and boutiques, this heat-recovery system is designed to provide excellent energy efficiency and the flexibility of simultaneous heating and cooling, even in the most extreme weather. For installation cost savings, the Multi V S only requires single-phase power, rather than the traditional three-phase, and can provide heat down to an outside temperature of -13°F.

LG Electronics, www.lghvac.com



Marathon Motors UlteMAXAxial integral horsepower motor

The UlteMAX is an axial integral horsepower motor with a reduced length of less than 5 in. and an overall footprint reduction, resulting in it being 50% lighter than conventional radial motors. With this compact, flat, lightweight design, there is no longer a need to design around the motor. It can be intentionally hidden inside a much smaller system, requiring less space when installed. The UlteMAX motor’s three variable-speed axial horsepower motors provide the output to cut the average motor inventory in half. The UlteMAX motor allows for speed and horsepower configurations to cover a wide range of specifications without compromising system efficiency.

Marathon Motors, www.marathonelectric.com

Mitsubishi Electric MFZ-KJFloor-mounted indoor unit

The MFZ-KJ floor-mounted indoor unit features Multi-flow Vane Technology. This technology efficiently circulates air to quickly raise room temperature during cooler months. Multi-flow Vane Technology uses the lower portion of a multiflow vane to angle warm air into the return vent of the indoor unit, where it is re-circulated through the heat exchanger before being released into the room through the top portion of the multiflow vane. This process significantly reduces the time it takes to heat the room, ensuring superior warmth and comfort. The MFZ-KJ’s stylish, sleek panel suits a variety of aesthetics with minimal obtrusion.

Mitsubishi Electric U.S. Inc., Cooling & Heating Division, www.mehvac.com

Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-EFWall-mounted indoor unit

The MSZ-EF wall-mounted indoor unit can be used in combination with multizone technology, including the Hyper-Heating Inverter (H2i) systems that can deliver heat in even the coldest climates to create a Diamond Comfort System. Diamond Comfort Systems provide the ability to choose the desired temperature for each zone, while consistently using 30% to 40% less energy than traditional cooling and heating systems. The MSZ-EF features whisper-quiet operation with indoor fans functioning at a sound level lower than a human whisper, reduced energy waste with a weekly timer that allows up to four scheduling options, and intelligent temperature control with Econo Cool.

Mitsubishi Electric U.S. Inc., Cooling & Heating Division, www.mehvac.com

Schneider Electric InRow DXHigh-density cooling system

The InRow DX assists data center managers in meeting the evolving cooling needs of an ever-changing data center environment. The system significantly improves cooling efficiency by reducing power consumption while also increasing capacity. The solution’s design closely couples cooling with the IT heat load, preventing hot-air recirculation while improving cooling predictability and allowing for a pay-as-you-grow environment. Available in self-contained, fluid-cooled, and air-cooled configurations with or without humidity control, InRow DX meets the diverse requirements for closet, server room, and data center cooling. Providing up to 42 kW of precision cooling capacity in a compact footprint, the system can support the most demanding cooling needs.

Schneider Electric, www.schneider-electric.us




SPX Marley NC Everest Cooling TowerCooling tower

The Marley NC Everest Cooling Tower is a cross-flow evaporative cooling system that provides up to 50% more cooling capacity than other single-cell, factory-assembled cooling towers. The NC Everest uses up to 35% less fan power to achieve higher energy savings. Its unique design minimizes piping and electrical connections to reduce installation costs. Seven-foot doors provide access to the tower’s interior service decks and mechanical components, making routine inspections and maintenance safer and easier. Featuring the patent-pending MarKey Drift Eliminators, the NC Everest Cooling Tower achieves the lowest measurable drift rate, down to 0.0005% of circulating waterflow, so less water escapes the tower.

SPX Cooling Technologies Inc., https://spxcooling.com

Uponor ProPEX EPOpposing-port tee

The ProPEX EP opposing-port tee was developed for PEX hydronic heating and cooling applications with back-to-back installation-spacing constraints, such as vertical riser applications, vertical hi-stack fan coils, and heat pumps. One opposing-port tee does the job of four fittings to change piping direction in a confined space, making it a time-, cost-, and labor-saving solution for engineers, installers, and building owners. The tee features the ProPEX fitting system, a method that uses the shape memory of PEX tubing to make a strong, reliable, and watertight connection with a single tool. The ProPEX tee is available in 1-, 1.25-, 1.5-, and 2-in. flow-through sizes with 0.75-in. outlets.

Uponor, https://uponor-usa.com




Weil-McLain AquaBalanceCombination boiler

The AquaBalance combination boiler features the warmth of high-efficiency space heating and the convenience of on-demand domestic hot water. The AquaBalance boiler exceeds Energy Star-certification requirements at 94.4% annual fuel-use efficiency built with the stainless steel, titanium-infused, heat-exchanger technology. Additional features and benefits include compact design, multiple venting options, boiler controls with digital display, quiet operation, and contractor-friendly access to panels, making installation and servicing clean and easy. AquaBalance provides a constant supply of hot water by producing up to 4 gmp at 70°F. By making the switch from a separate boiler and hot-water tank to the system, the contractor’s installation process is streamlined.

Weil-McLain, www.weil-mclain.com