Fire, Life Safety, Mass Notification

Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2017 Product of the Year Finalists

Fire, Life Safety, Mass Notification

Read about the 6 finalists in the Fire, Life Safety, Mass Notification category for the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2017 Product of the Year program.

Bradley Emergency Signaling SystemEmergency signaling system

The Emergency Signaling System is designed to expedite, mobilize, and improve worksite emergency-response time when an affected employee uses an emergency shower or eyewash fixture. Using the customizable Emergency Signaling System in an emergency helps all safety personnel complete the safety loop quicker to help ensure a better outcome. By installing the Emergency Signaling System along with the drench shower or eyewash, clear and immediate notification is sent to co-workers, emergency medical responders, and management that an employee is using an emergency fixture and needs help. The Emergency Signaling System is designed with customizable, reliable, and distinct audible sounds and flashing lights.

Bradley Corp.,

Eaton Crouse-Hinds EBMXClamped enclosure

The Crouse-Hinds series clamped EBMX explosion-proof enclosure is designed to operate in hazardous areas to help oil and gas and other industrial customers enhance safety and dramatically improve productivity. The EBMX technology is designed to help customers avoid unbolting enclosures to access internal motor control components including circuit breakers, disconnect switches, motor starters, and combined starters. The clamped-enclosure technology allows customers to open and close enclosures faster than traditional bolted solutions while reducing the risk of installation errors. The equipment also meets NFPA 70: National Electric Code (NEC) and Canadian Electrical Code requirements and is built to withstand extreme temperatures from -50 to 60°C.




Federal Signal Global Series PlatformNonmetallic signal platform

The Global Series Signal Platform of nonmetallic signals is designed to meet global requirements in hazardous atmospheres. Features include a strobe and LED beacon, sounder, amplified speaker, and loudspeaker. The Global Series Signal Platform’s modular housing design allows individual signals to be combined into multisignal fixtures, which reduces a customer’s installation and wiring burden. Multisignal fixtures with two to six signals can be combined into myriad configurations. The configurations can be ordered fully assembled and wired direct, or accessories can be used to field-convert individual and standard dual units into multisignal configurations.

Federal Signal Corp.,

Siemens FireFinder XLSFire alarm control panel

The Person Machine Interface (PMI-3) is the primary user interface for the FireFinder XLS fire alarm control panel. PMI-3 serves as both operator interface and central microprocessor for the XLS. It allows the end user to acknowledge events, control the system-notification appliance circuits, and reset the system for both fire and mass notification system events. The PMI-3 display uses a 6-in. VGA color display, which allows the user to select up to eight different event types for display on the same interface, including mass notification system events and carbon monoxide events.

Siemens Industry Inc.,




Victaulic VicFlex Series AH2-CC Braided HoseBraided hose

The VicFlex Series AH2-CC Braided Hose features a captured coupling attached to the end of the hose. It also has a 100% kink-resistant design and a 2-in. bend. In previous models, pipefitters had to tape or dope the threads of the branch line nipple and thread it into the branch line outlet, using a pipe wrench to tighten the connection. The AH2-CC provides a pipefitter-friendly option by eliminating the need to use a pipe wrench on the branch line side, reducing installation time and the potential for pipefitter injuries.



Victaulic VicFlex Style VS1 Dry SprinklerFlexible dry sprinkler

Designed for owners, engineers, contractors, and architects, the VicFlex Style VS1 Dry Sprinkler has a 2-in. UL bend radius and 100% kink-resistant annular corrugation. The Style VS1 replaces traditional dry sprinklers that are rigid and typically installed in a horizontal or vertical orientation. Bending the Style VS1 allows installers to keep the system water inside climate-controlled areas and farther from freezing conditions within the wall, eliminating freeze-ups and impaired systems. The flexible dry sprinkler enables systems to meet or exceed NFPA 13 installation requirements. Longer sprinkler barrel lengths and a tight bend radius mean pendent installations are now a reality.