Electrical: Fuses, Circuit Breakers, Safety

Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2017 Product of the Year Finalists

Electrical: Fuses, Circuit Breakers, Safety

Read about the 7 finalists in the Electrical: Fuses, Circuit Breakers, Safety category for the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2017 Product of the Year program.

Eaton Bussmann Power Distribution Fuse BlockPower distribution fuse block

The Bussmann series Power Distribution Fuse Block (PDFB) combines a fuse block and power distribution block into one component. This innovative, patented design simplifies panel layout and uses up to 65% less panel space than traditional solutions. Additionally, the PDFB uses fewer wire connections and reduces installation time and labor by 33%. The PDFB is available for Class J applications from 1 to 600 amp and Class H(K) and R ferrule applications up to 60 amps. The block eliminates wire runs from the fuse block to a power distribution block to reduce component count, material cost, and labor.

Eaton, www.eaton.com/bussmannseries




Eaton Crouse-Hinds SynergEX PanelboardIntegrated panelboard

The Crouse-Hinds series SynergEX Panelboard uses individually encapsulated circuit breakers to provide maximum safety in extreme environments. The encapsulated and integrated design provides ultimate flexibility and speed during installation, normal operations, and maintenance activities in the field. This advanced design is approved for all hazardous gases, which allows for operation in multiple locations and hazardous situations. SynergEX is available in 12 to 42 circuit configurations (up to 84 circuits when coupled) with 10- to 40-amp breakers and an external main breaker up to 225 amp. The panelboard provides overcurrent and short-circuit protection for low-voltage power, lighting, and heat-tracing applications in indoor and outdoor hazardous areas.

Eaton, www.eaton.com

Eaton Enclosed Circuit BreakerEnclosed circuit breaker

The enclosed circuit breaker (ECB) equipped with the Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System can improve safety by providing a simple and reliable method to reduce fault-clearing time and downstream incident-energy levels. The Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System provides an accelerated instantaneous trip to reduce arc flash. The operator can preselect from five levels of protection to facilitate the maximum arc-flash reduction while avoiding nuisance tripping during planned start-up and maintenance operations, without disturbing the normal operational trip-unit settings. The Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System is designed for use only during the time a worker is exposed to the flash hazard. The system is not activated or armed continuously.

Eaton, www.eaton.com

Eaton FlashGard Motor Control CenterMotor control center

The FlashGard motor control center (MCC) features an updated range of arc-resistant features to help further strengthen protection against arc flash events. This solution combines arc-preventive and arc-resistant technology within a single MCC. Designed to emphasize prevention, insulation, and isolation, the patented FlashGard design enables units to be disconnected and reconnected to the vertical bus with the unit door closed; maintaining a dead-front barrier during maintenance operations helps enhance operator safety. The MCC incorporates a RotoTrack racking mechanism, designed to provide bus isolation, stab indication, and lockout features to proactively prevent the initiation of an arc flash event.

Eaton, www.eaton.com



Eaton OEM Line Isolation SwitchLine-isolation switch

The OEM Line Isolation (OLI) switch provides the ability to access the control panel without exposure to line-side voltage. The switch isolates line-side power and provides an external disconnecting means for industrial control panels, reducing the risk of arc flash hazards. The OLI switch can be mounted on a control cabinet or disconnect enclosure, providing safer access to the panel. The switch is offered as a complete package including enclosure, disconnect, handle, flex-cable operator, and all other necessary components. Features include a gasketed side wall that mounts to the OEM cabinet and a modified heavy-duty safety switch with NEMA Type 12/3R and 4/4X enclosures.

Eaton, www.eaton.com

Eaton Series NRX Low Voltage Circuit BreakerLow-voltage circuit breaker

The Series NRX low-voltage circuit breaker with Power Xpert Release trip unit can be seamlessly installed within existing panel and switchboard designs to provide enhanced circuit protection, connectivity, and worker safety—along with tools for quicker installation and commissioning to help address energy-management challenges. The Series NRX allows advanced communication and circuit-protection technology to be embedded directly within existing power distribution equipment. The circuit breaker is engineered with an intuitive user interface that allows for real-time power and energy metering as well as the ability to closely monitor critical performance metrics.

Eaton, www.eaton.com




Schneider Electric PowerPact B-frame Circuit BreakerB-frame circuit breaker

The PowerPact B-frame circuit breaker offers robust power protection in a compact size and easy installation. The 125-amp B-frame circuit breaker uses economical, thermal magnetic-sensing elements in each of the various one-, two-, three- and four-pole construction types. Designed to be flexible, it offers a unique integrated DIN rail and traditional back-pan mounting capabilities without extra adapter brackets. The PowerPact B-frame circuit breaker features EverLink creep-compensating lug technology. This patented, spring-based power-terminal system ensures a lasting connection by mitigating the loosening effects of heat cycling or vibration. The lugs are UL-listed for use directly with stranded and also fine-stranded wire up to Class K.

Schneider Electric, www.schneider-electric.com/us