Electrical: Cable, Wire, Components

Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2017 Product of the Year Finalists

Electrical: Cable, Wire, Components

Read about the 4 finalists in the Electrical: Cable, Wire, Components category for the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2017 Product of the Year program.

Eaton Crouse-Hinds 567BXD Duplex AC/MC StrapDuplex AC/MC strap

The Crouse-Hinds 567BXD Duplex AC/MC Strap is designed for AC/MC and FMC cable. This strap provides the capability to support and secure two individual AC, MC, or FMC cables by installing with a single screw. The duplex strap takes up less space, simplifies installation, and offers a clean and professional-looking installation. The solution is designed to be cost-effective for the most commonly used size of cable due to its much smaller volume and reduced number of clamps needed for each application.

Eaton, www.eaton.com

Thomas and Betts, ABB PMA XR90Multilayered conduit

The PMA XR90 multilayered conduit protects a greater range of cable for robotic and automation applications with sizes up to NW 70 and Metric 80. The multilayered conduit indicates the extent of surface wear with three concentric layers of Nylon 12, each a different color. With no wear, the PMA XR90 multilayered conduit retains its black surface. As wear occurs, the center layer begins to show its yellow surface, which is an alert to prepare for maintenance. As more abrasion occurs, the inner layer shows its red surface, which indicates that maintenance is required. This visual-inspection capability makes it more efficient to monitor wear and plan maintenance.

Thomas & Betts, ABB, www.tnb.com


Thomas and Betts, ABB Fittings Sand Cast Aluminum Form 7 Conduit BodyAluminum conduit body

The T&B Fittings Sand Cast Aluminum Form 7 Conduit Body is made of CorroStall—a corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy. After 1,200 hours of 5% salt fog testing, the CorroStall aluminum alloy enabled the conduit body to remain free of red rust and surface pitting. The T&B Fittings Sand Cast Aluminum Form 7 Conduit Body is recommended for electrical systems in harsh environments, especially where salinity or chemical compounds are present. In addition to the conduit body, cast covers are available in CorroStall aluminum alloy. Stamped covers in aluminum are also available.

Thomas & Betts, ABB, www.tnb.com

Wago 221 series Lever-Nuts Slicing ConnectorSlicing connector

The 221 series Lever-Nuts Splicing Connector simplifies electrical installation of solid, stranded, and fine-stranded wire in the most space-restricted applications. The transparent housing makes it possible to verify proper insertion and strip length. Two conveniently accessible test slots located in the wire-entry face and one opposite make for easy testing. Each wiring port of the 221 contains its own individually operated lever and spring, permitting the combination of varying sizes and types of wire in one secure splice. This design permits Lever-Nuts to be used and reused in any application. The 221 series is available in two-, three-, and five-wire connectors and can safely connect wires ranging from 12 to 24 AWG.

Wago Corp., https://wago.us